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WHUK NEWS: Real-time Server Monitoring Introduced To Dedicated Servers Clients in Phase I

WHUK NEWS: Real-time Server Monitoring Introduced To Dedicated Servers Clients in Phase I

As a consumer of web hosting services at WebHosting UK Com (WHUK) it is important that you receive a good value for money you’ve invested in availing the hosting service. One of the ways to ensure that your server is operating at full working conditions is by having someone monitor it round-the-clock proves beneficial. So, with a view to offering our customers an opportunity to custom choose an interval between two checks on their servers, we’ve introduced our latest product the ‘Real Time Server Monitoring and Alert System’ and ensure the best uptime for the services you have with us.

WHUKs Monitoring and Alert System

The market is flooded with third-party companies that offer such or similar monitoring services which claim to offer the best services. So, why should you opt for our monitoring service, is that your question? Well, it’s been developed by our highly experienced group of developers, R and D engineers, Level 3 server administrators. In-short, the tool was initially developed for our internal usage purpose to serve our requirements in the first place with ensuring that your servers and the network run uninterruptedly. But then we later thought of making it available to our customers and help them choose the time period between the checks on their servers with us. Unlike the other third-party services, we have kept the price of this service very low wherein if you choose an interval which is 30 mins or more between two checks it’d be FREE !

The server monitoring service is capable to alert you and our server administrators if it notices any problem with server performance, health or availability of the server, its components, network devices, applications, hosted services and security systems.

Our intelligent monitoring service scans the systems at the intervals chosen by you and instantly alerts our engineers if it encounters a flaw. As soon as the tool alerts us for an appropriate cause, we would instantly log-in to the server and validate the notification and take immediate actions.

Server Monitoring Plans:

  • >> 30 min. interval – Free
  • >> 15 min. interval – £1.99 Monthly
  • >> 10 min. interval – £2.99 Monthly
  • >> 5 min. interval – £4.99 Monthly
  • >> 3 min. interval – £6.99 Monthly
  • >> 1 min. interval – £9.99 Monthly


  • >> Website & Services Monitoring
  • >> Server Health Monitoring
  • >> From 30 mins to 1 min Interval
  • >> Email notifications
  • >> Free Technical Support

You may expect further additions to this service wherein we look forward to integrating it with an SMS gateway in the near future which can allow you to enter your mobile phone number where the system can send you alerts in the form of SMS’s.

Why is it essential to consider server monitoring?

There are number of different reasons a server monitoring service can be beneficial for your business. We’ve listed below a couple of main advantages which can help you stay relaxed even on Saturdays, Sundays and during National Holidays when there’s nobody to look after your website and could alert us for any malfunction :

Instant Notification of downtime – if your server or any related service does happen to go offline for any reason then this monitoring service would notify us with the downtime (if any) so that we’ll take the necessary measures to get it back online. You are no longer required to contact us notifying about the incident, rather chances are, when you do, we’d probably be already working on the issue. Moreover once the SMS gateway gets integrated and is tested for its functionality, you’d receive an SMS the moment our system generates an alert and notifies us about it.

Once we are aware of any problem, we can take things from there on and ensure that the services are back on track asap.

Value for money – Since the service is currently been rolled out for our customers with a rented dedicated web hosting plan wherein it comes with an uptime guarantee then you will want to be sure that you are receiving good value for money.

Cost vs benefits – We’ve kept the cost of the monitoring service relatively low nor have we enforced any contract on you for this service. Ofcource, it’d be free if you choose an interval of 30 mins. and would only be charged with the reduced intervals as described above. At this low cost in relation to the benefits that are to be had from using a server monitoring service mean that justifying the cost should be easy for any user of dedicated web hosting, whether they be an individual or business.

Reliability of Server Monitoring Services

Having questions about the dependability of the monitoring services is obvious. We don’t want to pretend anything, as said earlier the tool was initially developed for our internal use. We’ve rigorously tested it before bringing to use. We wouldn’t use something which we aren’t sure about, so you can be rest assured about its functionality.

Ofcourse, if you are going to ping port 80 of a server and you expect the monitoring tool to check the performance of other vital services such as email or DNS then in that case you’d need to set your expectations right.

It is essential to understand that shorter the intervals between checks the more often the tool is going to check of the performance, however it’s going to cost you accordingly.

In conclusion, server monitoring is an added expense when using dedicated web hosting and is optional, but is recommended if you wish to keep an eye on the uptime of your VPS server so that you can be sure that you are not only receiving good value for money, but that your visitors are always able to access your website. Most server monitoring services will provide you with some sort of notification if they detect that your server is unreachable and this will allow you to take the necessary measures to bring your server back online.


We understand that any online business or operation can thrive only when the servers and services remain uninterrupted. The monitoring service is here to help our customers with this – the service scans your server constantly to check for performance issues and notifies you and our Monitoring Team engineers if something is wrong!

To enable Monitoring (available as a free trial for the first 2 months) for your servers, login to Client Area, click on ‘Monitoring‘ tab, it will then fetch monitoring activated servers list. You can click on “Go To Device List” button to check individual server monitoring as well as enable/disable any port.

We would want to hear from you! Please tell us how we can continue to make the service better for you. Let us know your views or any service improvement suggestions by sending an email to [email protected].


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