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WHUK Helping UK Startups to Get Online

WHUK Helping UK Startups to Get Online

Why should my startup be online?

For a business of any size these days, failing to utilise the web could prove to be fatal. Never before has one platform provided businesses of any size to such a large number of potential customers or represented such a low cost form of marketing. Not only this, but the web in general has also provided businesses and customers with new ways of communicating such as through email and social media. In many cases if a potential customer isn’t able to find a website or email address for a business then they are highly likely to write the business off as a scam.

In terms of startups you find that many are developing products that are designed for electronic, web-connected devices, or utilise the Internet in some way; for such startups there is an inherent need to be online in order for their products to work. However, putting the products that startups to develop to one side and considering the business aspect, the Internet can provide startups with access to fundraising sites that will allow them to raise money to fund themselves from people all over the world.

Whereas previously startups have had to rely on venture capitalists or angel investors to provide them with capital – usually after having gone through long processes – websites such as KickStarter and Crowdfunder offer startups a platform on which they can pitch their products and ordinary people can pledge as little or as much as they want towards the project. A project is usually advertised with a funding goal and in many cases this is a good indicator as to how popular a startup is. An example of a KickStarter success story would be the Pebble Smartwatch, which successfully beat its $100,000 funding goal by $10,166,845 in 2012.

As well as providing a communication platform and funding platform, the Internet is also one of the best marketing platforms available. By creating a website for your startup that showcases what you are all about then this is somewhere that you can send someone who wants to learn about your product and gives them more information than you would be able to in person. Through the use of SEO and marketing tools such as Google Adwords then you can market your website across the web for a fairly low cost, with such platforms letting you target your ads at specific keywords so that you are able to focus on your defined target audiences.

How can I get my startup online?

If you’re after a simple website then getting your startup established online is easy. If you or someone you know possesses the skills necessary to build a website, then this should be your first avenue of exploration; building a website is easy but can be expensive if farmed out, so if you’re able to do it yourself or someone you know will do it for a reduced cost then this can be a good way of saving money.

If you want to create your website yourself but don’t have the experience needed then our Create a Website product may be fitting for your requirements. Using Create a Website, you can choose from a range of different designs so finding one that suits your intended use shouldn’t be an issue; from there all you have to do is enter the content that you would like to appear on your website. What’s more is that Create a Website includes a free domain name and hosting – it really is the full package and lets you get online with minimal effort.

For startups that are slightly more reliant on the establishment of their websites to deliver them business then developing a website that is able to meet their requirements could represent a bigger challenge. Where an online store is required costs will be increased by the simple case that the website is going to prove to be more complex to develop and deploy; however, alongside this there will also need to be an increased consideration of service performance, uptime, and perhaps most importantly, security.

Consulting a professional web developer is the most efficient way of developing a website that will be generating revenue; a professional developer will be able to work with you to create a solution that fulfills your own expectations and needs, but is something that end-users find easy to use. Webhosting UK will be able to work with you on providing a secure hosting environment that will prevent your website from being compromised and includes safeguards to protect any sensitive information that you are hosting.

How can WHUK help to get my startup online?

WHUK is a leading provider of web hosting services in the UK and has over 10 years of experience in the industry. We understand that for many startups, their web presence is vital to securing a revenue stream for the business and in many cases the survival of the business is tied to the website. If you’re a startup owner then we can work with you to tailor a hosting solution that is fully reflective of what your business needs; we will never try to sell you anything you don’t need and because you’re probably wanting to keep your costs low, if you have a budget then we will always do our best to meet your requirements without going over it.

We will always deliver a reliable service. When your business provides you with an income, downtime can result in you losing money and customers becoming dissatisfied with your company and its service when your website becomes inaccessible on a regular basis. At WHUK we provide a 99.95% uptime SLA with all of our services; we hope that this instills the confidence that your website and related services will always be available.

In the rare case that something does go wrong then we have 24×7 support available. Our support team will be notified of any incidents almost the instant that they occur so that they can get on to rectifying the problem before it has time to cause major problems. If you ever discover anything that you don’t think is quite right then they can be contact at any time through phone, live chat or email.

Choosing WHUK as your hosting provider, we can help you to get your startup online. We hope that the combination of full support at anytime and high SLA will help to deliver growth to your startup.


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