White Labeled Reseller Hosting

White Labeled Reseller Hosting

White Labeled Reseller hosting is the same like normal Reselling. But the only difference between normal UK Reseller Hosting and White labeled Reseller Hosting is details of the IPs’ that are assigned to your account. In General Reselling, you will get the IP which will show the company’s information from where you have purchase it.

So a customer can easily find out that you are a Reseller and not a Web Hosting company if he traces out the IP. With White Labeled Reseller Hosting, you will get IP with Custom WHOIS information.

It means that the IP that will be assigned to your server will show the information about your company rather than the hosting providers. So any end user will not come to know that you are a Reseller and not the actual hosting company.

If an end user views your company’s information in WHOIS database, he would think that you are a sole Web Hosting company hence increasing the trust on you, which is indeed beneficial for your Reseller business.

We generally provide White Labeled Reselling on our Reseller/ VPS/ Cloud/ Semi-Dedicated and Dedicated server hosting plans. But you will need to follow certain terms and conditions for getting custom IP depending upon the hosting plan you choose.

As a part of customer service, we do not charge anything for changing the WHOIS IP information. You just need to pay the cost of the IP and we will change the WHOIS information for you.

The WHOIS information of the IP will be changed by our system administrator once your server is setup and activated. You are then required to contact our system admins and provide them your company’s information and few other required details. They will make amendments to the WHOIS with your company’s details.

So even if a customer runs a trace route with your IP, he would find you as a separate hosting provider and not a reseller of any parent company’s.

For more details about White Label Reseller hosting, you can contact our sales team via. Live Chat or send an email to [email protected]


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