What to Consider When Choosing A Web Host

What to Consider When Choosing A Web Host

While choosing web host you need to consider following important factors of web host.

Security and Reliability

While hosting your site with any web hosting provider you must be sure that the servers are fully secured and reliable for your applications. That starts from basic website data protection especially hacking attempts are an important watch-point for web developers while selecting an host.

Security in terms of firewall, security patches, tweaking on server configurations to avoid hacking process,denial of service attacks (DDOS) etc.

Hosting provider or ISP is completely responsible for regular upgrades as well as security measures that are taken on a web server and lastly, daily / weekly backups are also part of their hosting packages to recover from any critical issues.

Customer Service

Customer Service is another important concept hosting business. Various Hosts offer a variety of customer services to attract customers. You need to sure that your service provider has 24X7 support on chats, phone and email. Technical expertise and experience are part of customer service.

Server Software

UNIX and Windows NT are the most common server software environments provided by hosting provider. server software can also affect a website with their limitation and restrictions. Your web developer should be aware of applications they will be using and assess which software environment will best suit their needs.

Internet Connection used by Host

Internet connection is very important while choosing hosting provider.
There are a bunch of variations T-1, T-3, OC-3 etc. A company that offers a T1 connection to the Internet can only allow 1.544 Mbps , T3 can allow up to 45 Mbps. An OC-256 can allow 13,000 Mbps, having ability to transfer much more information at a higher speed before getting down.


Server performance and integration with software applications. How fast can they respond to your request ? When we speak of server speed, it clearly means that bandwidth and network connections are an important part. A server that is a host to many sites that are being accessed simultaneously may get bogged down. No matter how fast the connection is this can seriously slow down a viewer’s speed of browse a site.

You can easily test the speed at which a server responds by “pinging” a site from your command prompt. Processor speed is also important. video and audio Streaming, forums and message boards, and highly animated applications all require huge amounts of memory and fast access to the main server. Overloaded processors can slow down a site’s transmission.

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