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What is Dig?

What is Dig?

What is Digg?

Digg is a popular social bookmarking and content discovery website. Although site management and maintenance is done the website’s paid staff, everything on digg is submitted by the digg user community. These submissions are subject to peer review and are voted upon by other site visitors. The stories receiving enough diggs is posted on the websites front page, for the millions of digg visitors to see. According to Alexa, Digg is one of the most popular websites on the internet, reaching 1 out of every 100 internet users daily.

How to submit stories?

Submitting stories to digg is very easy. To submit stories you have to be a registered member of the digg, once you have registered and signed in, just click on the option submit story and then enter the URL of the story which you would like to submit. Then enter the title of the story with a short description and select the proper category for the story. You are only allowed to digg only original story and not any duplicate entry.

What can you do as a digg user?

Every digg user can digg (help promote), bury (help remove spam), and comment on stories. You can even digg and bury comments you like or dislike. Digg also allows you to track your friends’ activity throughout the site.



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  2. Virtual Hosting

    The first widely used content discovery service was Another very popular site of the same nature is it has both paid and free version. In Digg there are six categories where submissions are allowed and the vast majority of submissions fall into the Science and Technology categories.

  3. Brad

    I like the concept that evolve for digg to find random information and share interesting story to others, you can also view current news listed there in realtime by using “digg spy”. It is good tool for driving temporary traffic and generate reviews.

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