What is ColdFusion?

November 25, 2010 / Internet Marketing Web Design and Development Web Hosting WHUK Updates

Are you a designer and deals with developing highly interactive and data-rich sites which seems to be a difficult process. ColdFusion is one of the most appropriate thing for you, this web application is always there to create dynamic website design.

ColdFusion does not require coding in traditional programming languages knowledge, although traditional programming such as ASP,JSP & PHP etc techniques are fully supported. Creating application with this is very straight forward such as creating static web pages. But now the scenario has changed entirely, now the website designs are level ahead from the competitors with the range of functionality with in the website.

ColdFusion and it’s Briefing

It’s a web based programming language which is basically on HTML ie. Hyper text markup language. HTML language is the mostly used language for writing dynamic pages. Writing a customized Web-based applications is a job of programmers only.

It is a commercial software and it is a Rapid application development platform. Instead, you create applications by extending your standard HTML files with high-level formatting functions, conditional operators, and database commands.

These commands are instructions to the ColdFusion processor and form the building blocks on which to build industrial strength applications. It is a great platform and is the main feature is its scripting language ie. ColdFusion Markup language (CFML).

It closely resemble with the HTML. It is compared to the scripting languages like ASP, JSP and PHP. ColdFusion supports other programming languages other than CFML, such as Server-side Action script which can be written in java script and is known as CFScript.

ColdFusion is mostly used for data driven websites or intranets. However,it can be used for remote services as well such as SOAP web services or Flash. It can also handle asynchronous events such as SMS and instant messaging. In this applications you can introduce various range of functionality which is not available in static pages.

Shortly we can say that it is simply a collection of pages,unlike the static pages it includes the server-side ColdFusion markup Language in addition to the HTML. CFML allows the users to take control of the application and generate the dynamic content that is returned to the web browser. When such application is requested by the browser, it is automatically pre-processed by the ColdFusion application server.

This server executes the logic, interacts with the other server technologies and then dynamically generate an HTML page which is returned to the browser.

ColdFusion does not require coding experiences programming languages, although the traditional programming language constructs the web techniques which are fully supported.

Initial you create applications in ColdFusion by extending with its standard HTML files formatting functions, conditional operators as well as with the database commands which are present where these commands are instructed to the ColdFusion processor and form the building blocks on which to build industrial-strength there applications.

Features of ColdFusion

ColdFusion applications CAN File Indexing and Searching and can create XMl     Parsing.Xpath,validation and transformation.

  • ColdFusion can easily retrieval data from all common enterprise systems such as Active Directory, LDAP, SMTP, HTTP, POP, FTP etc.
  • ColdFusion applications can be developed rapidly with its simplified database access.
  • ColdFusion applications are easy to develop because of its hazel free coding with simple html style tages.
  • ColdFusion applications are easy to test and roll out very easily.
  • ColdFusion applications support client server cache management as well as     server clustering.
  • ColdFusion applications can easily generation web based code on client side     too.
  • ColdFusion applications are very easy as it doesn’t has any compilation process or linking step is required. The final files created is the only files used by the application.
  • ColdFusion provides all the required tools which need to troubleshoot and debug applications.
  • ColdFusion comes with all the hooks necessary to link to almost any database application and any other external system.
  • ColdFusion is fast app, thanks to its scalable with in the coding, multi threaded, service-based architecture.
  • ColdFusion is based on industry standard java architecture in all, and supports all major standards and initiatives.

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