What Benefits Can A VPS Server Offer Me?

What Benefits Can A VPS Server Offer Me?

VPS servers are virtual servers that are assigned their own resources and perform independently of one another, although a group of VPS servers are rely on a physical hosting node to provide them with a hosting node as well as the resources necessary to function.

Webhosting.uk.com offers VPS servers hosted on Linux and Windows so web developers can choose a virtual server regardless of the technologies that use to develop their web applications.

A VPS server is designed to provide small businesses with the following benefits over a shared hosting service:

  • The isolated web hosting environment provided allows for greater control over the performance of your website because there will be no other users to impact on the functionality of your hosting environment
  • Resources in a VPS server are designed to offer a scalable environment in which a website can thrive as it grows without any limitations; a shared hosting environment will become rather restricted once a website begins to receive thousands of visitors
  • Access to you server via Remote Desktop (for Windows VPS) or SSH (Linux VPS) ensures direct root access so that you have full control of your virtual hosting environment.

Webhosting.uk.com offers full 24×7 support for all of our VPS hosting customers so that you are able to contact a member of our team if you have any issues or enquiries at any time of the day so that downtime will never become the result of anything problems that you are facing. Fully managed server hosting services offer beginners a cushion that

they can fall on if there is something that they don’t have the skills or knowledge to accomplish with their VPS server and it allows us as a web hosting company to make sure that your clients are creating the most secure hosting environment possible for themselves. A VPS server is based around the following resources to create an independently performing hosting environment:

  • RAM is the measure of the amount of memory that your VPS servers have available to use; if planning on running multiple applications and services alongside each other, you will favour a larger amount of RAM
  • Disk space is the amount of storage that your server will have and the amount of disk space that you require will depend on the type of content and the number of websites that you are planning on hosting on your VPS server
  • We also offer advanced VPS server configurations that feature specific CPU core allocations to offer you a solution that can guarantee greater performance; with standard VPS server configurations, the VMs often share the CPU of the hosting node.

Web Hosting vs. VPS

Unlike shared web hosting products, a VPS server has been designed with the intention of mimicking the hosting environment that a dedicated server provides. A dedicated web hosting environment can provide extended benefits to users of all levels because you can install any applications of your choice and introduce any configuration changes that will be of benefit to your web applications or the performance of the virtual server.

A shared web hosting environment on the other hand can be very limited and you are only able to make use of the services and features that your web hosting provider offers as part of your web hosting plan; root access of any kind to the web hosting server is authorised to Webhosting.uk.com staff only.

The following can be concluded as being the main benefits of choosing a VPS server over a shared web hosting plan:

  • A VPS server can provide a much greater level of uptime than a shared web hosting plan because of the dedicated web hosting environment; where greater performance can be offered, greater reliability is often a secondary benefit
  • Having full control of your virtual server will allow you to develop a custom web hosting environment that is more suiting to your needs than a shared web hosting plan and if additional security is a necessity then this can be achieved here
  • With a VPS server there is greater opportunity to expand your website to include more advanced features and if you wanting to add extra functionality to improve the end-user experience then a virtual machine will aid you with this more than a shared web hosting plan.

Webhosting.uk.com offers a range of shared web hosting plans and VPS servers that can meet the needs of users at all levels.


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