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Website Interactivity

Website Interactivity

Website interactivity with your potential customers is of utmost importance and there are many ways of doing this. Information is key here so you should try and provide as much information as possible so that visitors feel confident in doing business with you.

At the very least you should provide an email address, but beware of a simple hyperlink on your webpage as this will quickly get harvested by the spammers and your inbox will be clogged in no time. The email address can be disguised by just stating it in text without the @ symbol, or you can use a simple script that does not reveal your actual email address to a browser. If you get an enquiry, be sure to always respond as soon as possible. Quite often big businesses are not able to do this and you will boost customer confidence if you reply to an enquiry promptly.

A ‘contact us’ form on the website is another good way to interact. This way you can find out more about your visitor and where they come from. Form scripts are readily available on the net, but be sure to use a secure one.

A telephone number is an important contact detail to include, but it is surprising how many sites do not give this information. You may not wish to put your address on the web site if you work from home, but it is easy to set up a post office box number address if you prefer.

You may also like to include a newsletter sign up facility to harvest the email addresses of potential customers, but not everyone wants to reveal this information. If you are normally on line during your business hours you could set up an on line help system so that a customer could ask a question and get an immediate response. This is a big commitment but can work very well



  1. Ryan

    Providing as much information as possible is the key in website interactivity and you must provide as much information as possible so that visitors feel confident in doing business with you. Also the more interactive and informative your site is, the more people will visit, and the longer your visitors will stay, and the longer your visitors stay, the more chances they have to buy.

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