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Importance of a Good Website Design

Importance of a Good Website Design

Web design of the site is an important factor to the site’s success, visibility and profitability of the business. Internet is the first place that potential clients look for when searching for a business to satisfy their needs. A well designed, clearly presented and informative website will ensure them of the expert service available from the business.

A web presence means the possibility of generating customers from all locations of the world and it also means that regular updates on new services or price can be posted to inform customers effectively. Like this way, the web design of a site can be a ticket to success.

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  1. cathrin

    Also for a good web site design navigation and optimization plays a very vital role.As some optimization consultants aim to ‘trick’ search engines into artificially inflating a website’s ranking by hiding ‘keywords’ in certain areas of a web page and swapping keyword links with irrelevant partners. Hence its important to strictly follow the web standards and sound SEO priciple.

  2. Paul

    A well designed site must attract users and and need to be obtain good rank on relevant search terms.

  3. In my view the web design should meet the goal of W3C and WAI AA standards. You should also go for “user test” so that you can implement few changes before you launch.

  4. sean

    A good web design is definitely going to create good impression to your viewers on first look, content is another important factor that probably you dont want to miss, as it enable you to retain your visitors for repeat visit and let your site perform well in search.

  5. Creating web presence means you need “click” and “views” on your sites. You need more than 75 K clicks and visit to create your overall good online presence , these all need good marketability and defiinitely good design and content is going to impact it.

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