Ways to Get More Links to A Website

Ways to Get More Links to A Website

Here are some reliable and beneficial ways to get more links to your website:

1. Submit your site to all the major search engines. They have to know about your site to list it and many search engines index other search engines so the more search engines you are in the more one way links you have to your site.

2. Submit your site to web directories. These are similar to search engines but differ in that they are usually used for surfers drilling down through categories without a specific search term like you’d use in a search engine.

3. Write and submit articles about your site or area of expertise to a bunch of article submission sites. A much underutilized way of getting incoming links and traffic. The same article can be submitted to multiple sites. Links from within the article or author biography will help your search engine ranking and you will have links in the search engines to your article as well as get traffic from article readers.

4. Find blogs related to your website or area of expertise and post responses to bloggers without spamming, but with well though tout response that may include content on your site or articles that may be helpful. Search engines have begun indexing blogs and listing content in search results. The links from the blogs also count as one-way links for your site.

5. Optimize your site to maximize your search engine compatibility. There are hundreds of sites that you can pay to do this, but by following a few simple guidelines you should be able to do it yourself with very little effort

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