Was The World Digital Economy on Cloud 9 In the Year 2013?

Was The World Digital Economy on Cloud 9 In the Year 2013?

So, the world is digitizing – fact. However, there is a digital divide rather a digital gap between countries who seem to be the best and the worst, as ICTs. Since the last 16 years, the captive audiences of technology and for that matter, the non-captive audiences also have witnessed a truth that the leading driving force of global economy is technology, and more explicitly, Information Technology.

Let’s go through few 2013 statistics which have divided continents, digitally and also cloudonomically.

Spilling the beans here, ICTs focusing on Convenience-causing-Cloud Services, consumer driven supercomputing and Countries with Top Education Systems have made it to the top, others battling with pitiful situations persisting in their country land.

Clean Stats –

144 economies have been ranked on their NRI (Network Readiness Index) by World Economic Forum in order to study the degree of preparedness of nations in the Global IT Growth.

» Few Asian Tigers rule the Jungle of Network and Connectivity, through their strategic efforts in building business-friendly systems which is inclusive of Cloud and a generous population of skilled engineers. (Source : princeton.edu)

» The degree of digitization in the United Continents has booked top slots for them – UK showing an improvement and pitching the 7th place with immediate adoption of cloud servers and big data while the Unites States freezing at the 9thposition, a bit of a downscale although there were no performance deterioration compared to the previous IT year.

» With top grade educational systems, test and out in digital innovation is Finland. 90% of the Finnish people own the Internet, whereas numbers in UK and US spell out as 85% and 70% respectively.

» Stepping down to the bottom-most pieces of mother digital earth are Russia at the 55th place, China at the 58th and lagging even behind are Brazil, India, South Africa because of lack of strategic moves i.e. right IT infrastructure investment and the geeky skill-set.

It isn’t so that the down-ten do not splurge in the right kind of ICT setups, neither is it that they are giving up, but on a serious note – the regulatory segments aren’t flashing forward to e-governance, neither educating larger audiences to acquire the typical IT skill-base, also being able to add the spark of innovation.

The Best IT Trends in the Digital Age – 2013 and Ahead!

Not baffled by Gartner’s statement- “Technologies around cloud, mobile, social and analytics are shifting the control of IT and outsourcing in businesses”

Following 3 digits of future IT which will revitalize economic growth –

(1) Platform Architectures will confront the swollen up data and complexities of data management,

(2) Data security will beat the middle of the digital dart board targeted by most ICTs with a hope to straighten the wrinkles of the forehead while thinking about a secure cloud. Improved government regulations crafted by strict policy makers will drag.

(3) Data privacy all the way to the center to create an enterprise-wide impact and understanding of safeguarding data and not controlling data.

An obvious effort by which ICTs mustn’t shy away is building Ultimate User Experience, and thus moving away from server-oriented to service-oriented. The big wise step towards service-orientation upfront is the digital player known to shake the World Economy largely –The Cloud Computing .

Why wise? Wise, because the cloud providers approach great user experience as multidimensional instead of typical. Already understood Private and Public Cloud structures with their pros and cons benefiting diverse business types, the next buzz is the hybrid cloud swiftly crawling up the ladder causing even more convenience to the end user with its combination recipe. The mix of public and the private cloud services will only forgive ICTs for not implementing it at the dawn of cloud.

30% of IT budgets that goes in changing the business is the bejeweled stone behind Wall of Global Business Economy Statistics, in contrast to the big 70% that goes in simply running the business. Innovation is surely conquering the Global Economy not just in 2013, but for the entire IT season which isn’t ending soon!

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