VPS Servers vs. Dedicated Servers

VPS Servers vs. Dedicated Servers

VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are the two forms of dedicated web hosting that are offered by most web hosting companies and although they both offer the same principle of a dedicated web hosting environment, the architecture of both forms of web hosting is fundamentally different.

A VPS server will be able to provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment within the context of a shared web hosting environment as you will be sharing the physical hosting node with other users.

A dedicated server on the other hand will also provide you with a dedicated web hosting environment, but within the context of your own physical server.

VPS servers are aimed at small and medium sized businesses, which will be evident in the features provided and the price points of most VPS server hosting plans; dedicated servers on the other hand are aimed at larger businesses that require a more solid infrastructure as the physical presence of a dedicated server allows users to upgrade them as they wish and opens them to an array of different hardware configurations.

The comparison of VPS servers and dedicated servers should be made because it is often the case that high-end VPS servers don’t differ greatly from low-end dedicated servers in terms of the resources offered, thus meaning that some may find it hard to make a definitive choice.

What can a VPS server offer me over a dedicated server?

A VPS server is a virtual hosting service and therefore is recommended for smaller businesses because of the follows benefits that are to be had:

  • Price – The main benefit of using a VPS server over a dedicated server is that VPS servers are cheaper, thus meaning that you will be able to save yourself some money by choosing a VPS server over a dedicated server – as you are going to be sharing the hosting node with many other VPS servers, it is easy for web hosting companies to profit from offering VPS hosting, even if they offer low cost web hosting services – the most basic of VPS servers cost just slightly more than the price of a high end reseller web hosting plan meaning that even those on a small budget can consider dedicated web hosting because of VPS server hosting and the cost of VPS servers will then increase as the specifications of the server increase
  • Reloading your VPS server – If you end up installing an application that has a negative impact on the operating system or you do something yourself that has rendered your VPS server unusable then you can usually reinstall the operating system on your server with a few clicks – however, this will depend on the virtualization platform that your web hosting provider is using as it is only available with established virtualization platforms such as Virtuozzo, further to that it is often a feature that is only available with Linux VPS servers meaning that as a Windows VPS server user, you will need to have the OS reloaded for you manually
  • Support – Most VPS server hosting plans can be purchased with full support as standard, which means that if you are an inexperienced user then you don’t have to pay extra just to receive support – if you’re an experienced user then you may wish to use the support offered to some extent so that you aren’t wasting your money, plus there may be some situations that you find yourself in that you aren’t able to resolve yourself – however, for inexperienced users this does mean that VPS server hosting will be even more beneficial for them because it means that they can rely on their hosting provider to provide them with a tailored dedicated hosting environment.

What can a dedicated server offer me over a VPS server?

Dedicated servers are aimed at larger businesses and although they carry a higher price tag, they are able to offer benefits that are more in line with what larger businesses want; such benefits include:

  • Reliability – Because of the physical nature of a dedicated server, you can be sure that you won’t have to share your dedicated web hosting environment with anyone else unless you explicitly wish to – with a dedicated server you will be able to achieve levels of uptime that a VPS server will never be able to offer you, so if you are after a worry-free form of web hosting then you will want to consider a dedicated server if your budget will allow – the uptime of your dedicated server will depend on a number of different factors, but if you choose the correct web hosting company and can be sure that these factors are managed properly then you should be provided with a highly reliable web hosting service that you can rely upon to serve your website when your visitors wish to access it.
  • Security – Another important consideration that larger businesses are going to have with any web hosting services that they consider is the level of security that can be provided – the websites of most large businesses will be handling the personal information of customers to some extent and so it is important to keep this information private to safeguard customers – a dedicated server will be able to provide you with a dedicated hosting environment that only you will have access to, providing you with a highly secure web hosting experience that hackers won’t be able to hamper.

In conclusion, VPS servers and dedicated servers have their own target audiences, as is evident with the resources provided with your average VPS server and your average dedicated server.

The price points of VPS servers and dedicated servers can differ greatly between web hosting companies and will also vary depending on the specification of the server itself.

For the most part it is recommended that you start off with a VPS server as this will provide you with relative comfort to begin with, but as your needs increase you can then upgrade to a dedicated server.


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