Vital Steps for Avoiding Forum Spams

Vital Steps for Avoiding Forum Spams

If you have an online forum incorporated in your website, then it is highly important to avoid spamming there in order to maintain the quality of the forum. Most of the online marketers and link builders might have an eye on your forums.

This may negatively affect the purpose of creating the forum altogether. A forum is full of advantages like it is a place to share knowledge, it is a source for promoting the website and earning, the users can share their experiences and communicate with each other, you can offer solution/advice on the forums and much more. 

However the way forums are being used by spammers has become a serious issue, this may lead to hampering the quality of the forums.

Most of the webmasters are worried about managing spams in order to keep the quality of he forum intact. If any particular forum is left unattended even for a week, it may have disastrous effects on the online community entirely.

Forums are also very important from the search engine optimization point of view. Forums have an option where the members can add a signature link as a reference. The members can also add their blogs, websites or even their favorite quotes in their signature links and this signature link appears every time any reply is posted.

It is alright if the members post genuine replies and use the feature. However some people start misusing the forums, they start spamming by replying with posts that don’t really have relevant information and such posts are not useful in terms of the overall discussion going on.

If you have opted for a website hosting that also includes a forum building software, even the process of setting up and monitoring this forum will be simplified if you follow the mentioned steps. You need to follow these simple steps in order to safeguard the forums from spams.

 User Validation

In order to validate the users, you can have an option for captcha, this simple technique provides great benefits in terms of avoiding spam. This option provides with an application where users have to submit some characters into the box that appears along with an image; this image randomly changes every time for a new post.

This is a widely used technique for avoiding the spams. This technique helps in forbidding spam bots from automatically registering on the website. It is also called as captcha authentication. It is basically a tool that creates random texts or images and the users need to type the contents of the image in the text box.

If the entered text matches with the captcha, only then the process moves ahead to the next stage of registration. This is a very helpful technique in terms of restricting the spam bots from entering the forums and polluting them.

Verification Via Email

Make sure to create an option for email verification for which the members have to go to their email inbox and activate a link in order to start posting in the forums.

You will find this link in most of the existing forums and it is considered to be an extremely reliable authentication and verification methods used in the online industry. The individuals who might have an intention of spamming would refrain from clicking on the email verification link.

Open Proxy Registrations

There are a wide range of websites available that provide with open site proxies that can be used by anyone over the internet. You can either restrict the number of member registrations done via such forums or you may ask your developers to include such a list for you.

There might be many users who would link to hide their identity and stay anonymous for some genuine reason. While the spammers too would use such server in order to get registered with your forum.

Therefore, it is important to have a system in place that would instantly detect registration done through the proxy servers and thereby a great deal of spam activity on the forums can be avoided.

In case you are using a specific software for forum that does not provide with such facility, you can download or purchase a mod that can be used for blocking the proxy registrations.

As most of the people use social networking websites, some of the forum software applications now enable the users to login to their forums through their social networking site profile ids.

This is also a strong way of protecting the forums as the user who logs in through the social networking website id, must definitely be a genuine user.

A forum is a web application for initiating discussions and posting user-generated content. It is very important to safeguard the forums from the spammers in order to maintain the quality of the forums. The steps mentioned above will help you in avoiding forum spams and thereby a clean forum can be maintained.


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