Viewing Website Traffic With Webalizer

Viewing Website Traffic With Webalizer

There are various advantages of Webalizer. Viewing the website traffic with Webalizer becomes a lot more easier. The guidelines mentioned below, will illustrate how the website traffic can be viewed with Webalizer.

Checking the Statistics

When you connect to Webalizer, it displays a bar-diagram depicting the traffic that visited your website, normally for 1 years time span. If you would like to have detailed information, you will have to click on the month option given in the chart beneath the graph.

Once you click on a respective month, it displays a wide variety of statistical analyzes of the traffic to your site. You might not need all the information but some of it can be very useful.

Information of the Referrers

When a person clicks on a link from a different website that directs to your website, it is a referral. Webalizer gives you information about which website was the source of the referral. In case the referrer has discovered you through a Google search.

Those who have enrolled in Google Analytics can find out about the search intend, however this information would not be stored on the server. It is also important to add a code snippet or script to every page footer if you would like to monitor the analytics.

Spiders and Bots

Webalizer registers the “bot” activity on your website. For instance Google’s “spider” Internet crawler. You can find the appropriate evidence of these in the “sites” segment of the statistics.

You might be amazed when you discover the number of spiders visiting your website and the amount of bandwidth being used for doing so. In order to prevent the undesirable bots from visiting your website, you will have to make or alter the “robots.txt” file on your computer.


All the visitors are identified by their IP addresses; this could be misleading if one or more visitors is using the same IP, or if they are hidden behind a firewall, they might not be correctly identified.

Moreover, if a visitor takes a long time for moving from one page to the next, they may end up being counted as two separate visitors. This usually occurs at a time interval of 30 minutes but it can be changed by the host with the use of Webalizer.

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