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Using POP3 & SMTP service in WINDOWS 2K3 for maili

Using POP3 & SMTP service in WINDOWS 2K3 for maili

Unlike Windows 2K, which only had SMTP service by default, Windows 2K3 also has POP3 in addition to SMTP services. So basically you can use it as a mail server. This is a small How-to for the configurations involved
server Config
Make sure SMTP Is Installed. If not, follow these directions:
Click Start, point to Control Panel, and then click Add or Remove Programs.
Click Add/Remove Windows Components.
In the Windows Components Wizard, click Internet Information Services (IIS), and then click Details.
Click to select the following check boxes:
SMTP Service
World Wide Web Server
Click to select any other components that you want.
Click OK two times, then click the checkbox on the POP3 windows if it is not checked.
Click Next, and then click Finish to close the Windows Components Wizard.
In IIS6 open the Service Manager
Go to the Default SMTP Virtual Server and Right Click(Note: If the SMTP Virtual Service Manager is not visible, run this command from a Command Prompt: regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\smtpsnap.dll).
In the General Tab – Make sure the IP address is that of your machine.
In Access click Access Control and verify that Anonymous and Integratedboth are checked.
In Access and the Relay Tab make sure that you have granted access only to either your machine IP or to the local host identified as
Open the POP3 Service Manager in Administrative Tools
Select your Server with a Right Click and check that the root mail directory is where you are planning on placing your email. I use the default which is C:\InetPub\mailroot.
Next make sure that both the Require Secure Password and Always Create an Associated User are both checked. The later is optional however makes it easier to add your user accounts to the server for email.
Create a New Domain in the server and double click it. (Domain is, not ).
Click Add Mailbox and fill in the blanks, if you have the Create Associated User checked
Now SMTP and POP3 are setup and you only have to setup the Email program on the client. Ideally, this is Microsoft software so the expectation is Microsoft Technology and software on the client side, so Outlook Express is best.
Client Configuration
Make sure the following is conveyed to the user you just established in the mailbox above.
The Account Name is the Username with no domain. (Because we are using SPA. If not using SPA, then username is [email protected] )
The password is completed.
The Log On using SPA is checked. (Because we are using SPA. If not using SPA, then leave this unchecked.)
The Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication is Checked. and then click the Settings Tab and make sure you have checked the Same as Incoming


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