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Using BIND in Windows for DNS / Nameservers

Using BIND in Windows for DNS / Nameservers

It is just not necessary to use the default DNS server in Windows. You can ofcourse install and
use ISC BIND (though I still prefer dear old MS DNS
Download links are as follows

Setting up and configuring BIND on Windows might turn out to be nightmare
Anyway, here goes
Section 1: Location of files
[C:\Program Files\DNS\bin\]
In this folder are all the executeables that came with BIND.
[C:\Program Files\DNS\etc]
In this folder are all configuration files. This includes:
named.conf main BIND configuration file

rndc.key required for rndc to manage your BIND server

root.hint a hint to BIND as to what the root servers are created by BIND when running zone file containing my example zone zone file for reverse lookup
[C:\Program Files\DNS\log]
Create this folder to store my log files in
[C:\Program Files\DNS\manual]
help files and other text files were placed in this folder

Section 2: Configuration
I’m not going to teach you how to configure your server
Refer to the manuals for details . However here are some working examples
Consider copying those files in to their respective directories on your server
and modifying them
To remotely test your BIND servers:


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