Using BIND in Windows for DNS / Nameservers

November 27, 2006 / Web Hosting

It is just not necessary to use the default DNS server in Windows. You can ofcourse install and use ISC BIND (though I still prefer dear old MS DNS Download links are as follows


Setting up and configuring BIND on Windows might turn out to be nightmare

Anyway, here goes

Section 1: Location of files

[C:\Program Files\DNS\bin\]

In this folder are all the executeables that came with BIND.

[C:\Program Files\DNS\etc]

In this folder are all configuration files. This includes:

named.conf main BIND configuration file

rndc.key required for rndc to manage your BIND server

root.hint a hint to BIND as to what the root servers are created by BIND when running zone file containing my example zone zone file for reverse lookup

[C:\Program Files\DNS\log]

Create this folder to store my log files in

[C:\Program Files\DNS\manual]

help files and other text files were placed in this folder

Section 2: Configuration

I’m not going to teach you how to configure your server refer to the manuals for details. However here are some working examples

Consider copying those files in to their respective directories on your server and modifying them To remotely test your BIND servers:

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