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Unlimited Bandwidth Offers Explained

Unlimited Bandwidth Offers Explained

You might come across with such offering when you are looking around for hosting solution- some offers like this “Unlimited Bandwidth” or Unlimited Disk space, But practically it is not possible.

Your disk space is limited to the size of the server’s hard drive. further more if you have a shared web hosting plan, you will be sharing the space with other websites. The host providers are sure and have assumption that many sites won’t use very much data transfer and disk space.

Be careful with those host providers who make those unlimited offers, it is important to read thoroughly their policies, terms of service, or user agreement related to their unlimited offers.



  1. Dedicated Hosting Server

    Unlimited bandwidth does not exist bcoz bandwidth is a commodity that someone needs to pay for eventually. Unmetered bandwidth is possible only for the dedicated servers and on shared hosting account it is as dishonest as unlimited.

  2. Ryan

    Unmetered dedicated servers are the only thing that wouldn’t be deceptive advertising to the consumer. Nowadays these Unlimited ‘scams’ are becoming more well known to consumers through various hosting forums.

    Finally, as already pointed out, when carefully reading a company’s TOS that offers such services, you’ll see that it’s not the Unlimited you’ve been thinking of after all.

  3. Cheap Web Hosting

    Yep, offering unlimited bandwidth is not possible. It is just a marketing trick used to attract customers. If any company offers unlimited bandwidth then check their terms carefully before selecting them.

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