Unlimited or Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited or Unmetered Bandwidth

Unlimited Space and Bandwidth vs Unmetered Space and Bandwidth

Unlimited : no limit

Unmetered : not measured or counted but has a certain limit

Unlimited is not possible in any aspect of life and there is nothing without limits. Unmetered bandwidth is the only thing that won’t be deceptive advertising to a prospective client. Unmetered, within the direct definition is possible, as it’s certainly possible for a host not to measure how much bandwidth you’ve used. Unmetered bandwidth is possible only for the dedicated servers and on shared account it is as dishonest as unlimited.

Unlimited is not possible but unmetered is possible b’coz bandwidth is a commodity that someone needs to pay for eventually. The term unlimited is only a marketing strategy. Go through the TOS of companies offering unlimited space or bandwidth and you will find some restrictions after all nothing in the world is unlimited.

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