UK Hosting Plan – Reasons to Choose

UK Hosting Plan – Reasons to Choose

For businesses and individuals based in the UK, there can be many benefits to choosing UK web hosting services over web hosting services that are hosted in other parts of the world, for example the USA or mainland Europe.

There are many UK web hosting providers to choose from which will help to ensure that you will always be paying a fair price for your chosen web hosting service, whilst most of these web hosting providers will be able to offer you the same range of shared web hosting and dedicated hosting products that you are use to seeing offered by overseas web hosting companies.

As well as providing a range of benefits with regards to the placing of your websites in UK search engine listings, you can also guarantee that your visitors will be able to access your website much faster if they are in the UK and you are using UK web hosting.

It is a good idea to take into consideration that the higher costs of equipment and resources in the UK for web hosting may indeed mean that some UK web hosting plans carry an additional premium over web hosting plans that are of a similar specification but are hosted overseas.

What are the main benefits of choosing UK web hosting?

There are many benefits to choosing UK based web hosting services over web hosting services that are hosted in other parts of the world, including:

  • Reliable web hosting – web hosting services provided by UK web hosting companies are seen as being more reliable and accessible for customers in the UK, primarily because the connection routes to the servers are shorter and so the possibility for issues in the connection is minimal – UK web hosting companies are also more concerned with portraying a positive company image as most are trying to run a legitimate business that keeps customers happy, unlike some of the larger overseas web hosting providers – businesses are putting the reliability of web hosting plans are ever more scrutiny as they look to choose the web hosting plan that can provide the best value for money and so with the UK being seen as one of the best places to host your website, web hosting companies are investing in the latest technologies so that they can be sure to guarantee the most reliable web hosting service possible
  • UK hosting support – the level of customer service offered by most UK web hosting providers is seen as being above and beyond what is provided by most overseas web hosting companies, although this is only usually in the cases of UK hosting companies that choose to base their support staff in the UK as opposed to outsourcing support operations to foreign companies – support is an important aspect of web hosting for businesses and individuals equally because if you have an issue with your web hosting plan, you want to be sure that it will be sorted out quickly and efficiently and this just won’t be possible if the support team used by your web hosting provider is ineffective at providing you with consistent, reliable customer service
  • SEO benefits – if you are looking to target your website at audiences based in the UK then there are many SEO benefits to be had from using UK web hosting, allowing you to obtain a high place in search engine rankings with ease – when targeting an audience in a particular country, it is important for you to have a high position in the search engine listings for the keywords and phrases that are applicable to the content of your website because search engines are one of the biggest sources of organic web traffic – however, it will still be important for you to carry out an effective SEO campaign that makes use of several different SEO methods if you are to take full advantage of the fact that search engines will pay more attention to a UK hosted site when considering rankings for local UK search listings.

What are the disadvantages of choosing UK web hosting?

There can also be certain disadvantages to using UK web hosting when compared to the web hosting services offered by US web hosting companies and other overseas providers, such as:

  • Pricing – one of the main drawbacks of choosing UK web hosting services over US web hosting services is the price premium that comes with choosing UK hosting over US web hosting – the cost of hardware and other resources required to run a web hosting business in the UK is considerably more than in the US meaning that UK web hosting providers have to consider this added premium when pricing up their own web hosting plans – US web hosting services are well known for being cheap and providing large resources, whereas UK web hosting companies are known for providing high quality web hosting products
  • Features – the features offered by some UK web hosting plans can also be seen as lacking when compared to what US web hosting providers are able to offer their hosting clients – this is particularly evident with the resources provided by the individual web hosting plans, with US web hosting companies being more willing to oversell their hosting services so that they can offer “unlimited” resource assignments, but this doesn’t usually represent good value for money – UK web hosting companies on the other hand will usually be more conservative with their resource assignments and will look to offer quality over quantity.

In conclusion, a UK hosting plan will be able to provide you with excellent value for money when compared to what US web hosting providers will be able to offer.

Even though you may not be provided with the same levels of resources when compared to what a US web hosting company could offer you for a similar price, you can be sure that the reliability and security of the web hosting environment that you are going to be hosted in will be of the highest standard possible to ensure that you are getting good value for money.


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