.UK Domain Name Extension – Be Prepared This Summer to Register Your Own

.UK Domain Name Extension – Be Prepared This Summer to Register Your Own

.UK domain name extension – Prepare yourselves for 2014 Summer to enhance your domain portfolio by claiming your domain with this TLD (top level domain) extension. Register your domain name with .UK extension and ensure that no one else claims your business name but you.

Nominet’ and Internet Registry Company for the first time would be providing users with the ability to register shorter and simpler .UK domain names. This would be in addition to the list of other extensions that the company offers namely .co.uk, .org.uk,.me.uk and the rest.

There has been no confirmation about the launch dates yet, but by Feb. 2014 we can expect more information in this regards.

Existing users with registered domain names with .co.uk address would receive a span of upto five years to take a decision if they intend to continue using it or switch over the same domain to .UK extension OR keep both.

What happens to the users who have the same domain name with different extensions?

In case of a competition between two users with the same domain name but different domain extensions such as .co.uk and .org.uk, the owner of the domain with a .co.uk would be given the first priority.

Watch this space as we’d be updating it as we get more information with the registration dates and procedure to book one. You may even choose to subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter or G+ pages to get instant alerts.

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