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Tweaker – Twitter tweets spoken to you – No need to read! – Windows 8 app

Tweaker – Twitter tweets spoken to you – No need to read! – Windows 8 app

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More apps are being published to the Windows Store ahead for the launch of Windows 8 in October. Windows 8 had recently been released to manufacturers (RTM – Release to Manufacturing), and users on TechNet/MSDN can download and try out the RTM version of Windows 8 but everyone else will need to wait until general availability of Windows 8 which is expected in late October.

Microsoft will only be selling upgrade copies of Windows 8 Pro in retail stores – so you’ll need an existing copy of Windows instead – from Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. However, Microsoft has announced that users on Windows 8 Release Preview will also be eligible so long as a Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 license key is provided at the time of upgrading to Windows 8 if you have the Windows 8 Release Preview installed. However, for those upgrading from Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 8 Release Preview, you will not be able to keep your applications or settings; the only things that will be moved over is your files (and settings in Windows Vista). So essentially, the “upgrade” is more of a migration than anything else for those running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 8 Release Preview.

Tweaker app for Windows 8.

Windows 8 Tweaker Twitter Application

The Tweaker app for Windows 8 allows you to listen to your tweets

instead of reading them. The app costs $1.99 USD (approximately £1.27 GBP). A description of what the app does by the developer:

Tweaker the Tweet Speaker allows you to passively listen to and watch tweet and photo activity from Twitter. While the “Tweaker” speaks Twitter activity it displays text and image content on lively animated tiles. Tweaker speaks Twitter activity from around the world right to your ears. Trial version is fully functional with reminders to purchase intermingled among the tweets.

We’ve not tested this app yet so we wouldn’t know how good it is – but it’s definitely promising that apps like these are coming into the Windows Store. We just hope there will be enough free apps in the Windows Store come October.


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