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Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange

A traffic exchange is a service that enables you to visit someone’s website, and in exchange other members of the traffic exchange will visit your site.

You will earn credits when you someone’s site, and then you will use those credits to have other members of the exchange visit your website. Many traffic exchanges allow you to advertise more than one website. Most of them also allow you to refer others and receive free traffic from their efforts.

Traffic exchanges are a great way to get free web site traffic very quickly. Besides website owners who want to increase their sales, online sales,traffic exchanges are also used by affiliates who want more commissions and internet marketters who want to increase the number of their opt-in e-mail subsribers. There are 2 main types of Traffic Exchanges : Manual Surf and Auto Surf.

With manual surf, you will need to click on a button to visit the next website in rotation, with auto surf, you watch the websites on your computer as they appear automatically every 15-30 seconds, without having to lift a finger.



  1. Paul

    Most of the bulk traffic are computer driven bot or such they are not real visitors they don’t visit more than the landing pages, I don’t think it is going to help you a lot if you are intended to buy bulk traffic or exchange it.

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