This Financial Year, It’s Time To Connect with Customers Online Better

This Financial Year, It’s Time To Connect with Customers Online Better

“WOW, the online commercial that we did, went viral, that’s more than what we had expected!”

How many of us have had the chance to utter a similar statement last year? I’m sure not all would’ve been so fortunate. Does that mean we do not stand a chance to win in the online space? Does this mean the web space is only for the big players? Having a small B2B business isn’t all that profitable these days? Such and many many more questions are faced by various businesses, small and large face these days.

So, here is our view to aligning your online venture with the right direction and helping you create a strong foundation so that you can ensure success in the days to come.

We analysed a group of successful businesses from various niches that exist in the web space today. We observed various parameters such as price, USP’s, value preposition, and many more similar factors. There was one common thing amongst them ‘Connectivity with the Customers’ at different levels.

Here are methods which will make way to ensuring success for you

Create a Grand Web Site

Alike your personality in the real world, a website is your identity online. It’s the bridge that connects your prospects to you. People would usually visit the website first and based on their experience they’d choose to contact you using different mediums. This is a first impression, if you are able to impress your visitors, you stand a better chance of getting a lead.

Therefore, creating a grand website that serves well to the purpose of visit is one of the most crucial factors of connecting with your customers.

At times, having even a simple design, layout, etc. can communicate really well with the users which even high graphics, professionally crafted site(s) cannot. And how would you know if your purpose of having a web page has been successful, get a Google consumer survey snippet added to the site. This should help you understand if your prospects are finding what they were looking for.

Social Media, a boon of this decade

Social media can act wonders for connecting with your consumers if used well. Many businesses define strategies to drive engagement towards the brand. It’s one medium that can help a brand, reach out to a wide audience.

Yes, in here you must also understand and choose a social media platform that can best possibly hold potential prospects. Say, if you own an apparel store online, having a Facebook Company page may help you engage a wide volume of prospects than over LinkedIn. While, if you sell a brand that demands engagement with leaders, LinkedIn can be an ideal choice to lay your focus on.

‘Email’, a Traditional Yet A Highly Effective Mode of Connecting With Prospects

With the widely evolving range of mediums for connecting with the prospects, quite a large volume of businesses have tended to overlook the potential of email marketing. As a matter of fact, successful business ventures make it a point to grow their mailing lists even today, only because they know its efficiency.

Sometimes, an exclusive mailing list can produce better results than a post shared over social media. Plus, since email is still one of the key business communication platforms, it’s not a good idea ignoring it. Having a clearly visible subscription tab across the site can help you set things on auto-pilot mode.

It’s quite possible that you’ve already been carrying out at least one act from all the above suggestions, but have you thought of enhancing the activity further? Are you sure you’ve reached the a stage where there’s no scope of improvement? Think about it again. There’s a 99 % chance of bringing at least a small change – which after having implemented it may make a great impact on your business.

In the end, business is driven by people, hence take every possible effort to connect with consumers. Because that’s one factor which will decide the future of your online venture.

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