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The Mobile Technology Era : Predominance And Rise In 2013

The Mobile Technology Era : Predominance And Rise In 2013

Mobile Technology Era

The increased use of mobiles has created a good amount of impact in many countries and it has become an influential and efficient medium of communication and marketing. The mobile landscape is set to improvise further in 2013 and although it is possible to predict some of the changes, there are possibilities that these changes might provide the consumers and marketers with big surprises.

It is seen that companies related to every niche are focusing on smart phones and tablet devices more than ever. Well known companies like Sony, LG and even HP have unveiled new mobile devices and these products are competing with the offerings of major players like Apple and Samsung. The presence and creations of these companies depict to what extent people are dependent on the mobile media.

On March 4, there was a research conducted by ABI that featured information on the downloading of mobile related applications. According to the report, mobile will users download 14 billion tablet apps in 2013. Approximately, 3-quarters of these apps will be running on the iPad device, however Android devices are now set to lead in terms of number of smart phone apps downloads. When it comes to the consumers, the selection of an appropriate mobile device in light of the wide variety of features offered is a difficult task. This also goes on to say that the consumers never had more choice and more power. Although there is a predominance of smart phones, there is also room for more improvisation; therefore the choices made by the consumers this year will shape the technology landscape in the coming years.

An Insight On What’s Next : Key Mobile Technology Trends in 2013

mobile trends

Mobile Search : Consumers are increasingly using the smart phones to browse the internet. The location based queries like ATM search, restaurant search and fuel station search are becoming common through the mobile devices. This trend will see a rise and marketers will have to create relevant mobile advertisements with the appropriate keywords.

Location Based Services : Most of the mobile devices are equipped with a GPS transmitter, they are capable of tracking the location of the users and the time when they have posted online. Many people use this system for checking out the places and sharing their location. This is a huge platform for geographically targeted marketing where advertisements can be placed on the basis of some specific radius and location patterns.

Mobile Shopping : Just like online shopping has become a popular trend within short span of time, mobile shopping is also coming up very soon. There are retailers who incorporate mobile solutions into their sales strategy by creating special offers, mobile coupons, discounts etc.; this trend will continue to grow in 2013 and in the coming years. Retailers will look forward to attracting more customers through mobile marketing campaigns. This marks the presence of mobile eCommerce that is growing at a fast rate and will improvise further.

NFC : NFC stands for Near Field Communication. Many mobile handsets are now equipped with NFC units in order to send data from one mobile device to another mobile device that supports NFC. The use of this technology is increasing in mobile payments and related services. As a result of this, marketers are provided with a great opportunity of creating discount coupons and distributing them through mobile, this process makes it easy for the customers to redeem the discounts.

Real Time Bidding (RTB) : RTB is emerging to be a prominent source for purchasing mobile media through instant auction. This technique has outperformed the traditional ad buying process through mobile advertising. The advertisers benefit from more access and better targeting and transparency while the sellers benefit from generating higher eCPMs and they also get a better control over the inventory.

Ever Evolving Mobile Apps : With an increase in the adoption of smart phones and tablets over the span of last one year, there has been a phenomenal rise in the mobile application world. App stores are a wide range of paid and free mobile applications. On the basis of this trend, the mobile marketers can focus on the appropriate type of applications considering the popularity of the apps. Also, the app developers get a great opportunity for generating more revenues through in-app advertising.

Cloud Storage : The cloud storage and cloud based services like Google Drive, Evernote etc. will gain a prominent place in the coming years that will enable the users to share information from anywhere in the world. It will become possible for the users to capture and edit the data through various channels like phones, desktops and tablets. The changes made will be automatically updated in the other devices as well.

Multi-Screening : There is an increase in the number of multi-screen users as the mobile devices like tablets, smart phones and desktop are used by the people on a daily basis. The advertisers can follow the consumers deliver relevant messages by utilizing the potential of every channel.

As the mundane tasks like shopping, browsing and networking go mobile; the mobile platform is the main focus for many established and emerging companies. In the coming years it has an abundance of opportunities for the sellers, buyers, marketers and developers. Having said this, it is also true that this is the time to accept that consumers are no longer a captive audience for marketers and companies. In order to design a perfect mobile advertising campaign, it is important to consider the communication channels that consumers prefer using and currently, it is mobile form of communication that has gained a lot of importance. If you are in two minds about developing a mobile marketing campaign; this is the right time to get going with it. All the established brands and the brands in making will have to incorporate the new ad techniques for growing a loyal fan base and for providing with upfront value to the consumers.


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