The Importance Of Secured Sockets Layer [SSL] In Securing Your Online Transactions

The Importance Of Secured Sockets Layer [SSL] In Securing Your Online Transactions

An eCommerce website works on customer trust and satisfaction, therefore safety is the most crucial aspect of any eCommerce website. Along with ensuring the efficiency of the online transactions it is also crucial to safeguard them.

The secured sockets layer plays the most crucial role in safeguarding the online transactions and thereby maintaining the authenticity of the eCommerce website. Secured Sockets Layer or SSL is a protocol that is transmitted over the internet in an encrypted form.

SSL ensures that the information is transmitted in the encrypted form and it is sent only to the server you intended to send it to. SSL certificate plays an important role in preventing data theft while it is being transmitted. The online shopping websites rely on the SSL technology in order to safeguard the credit card information provided by the customers.

This is extremely crucial. The customer has to punch in vital details while making an online transaction and he will feel safe in doing so only when there is a SSL certificate installed on the website.

The secured sockets layer works by using a private key to encrypt the data that is transferred over the SSL connection. Many websites make the use of this protocol to obtain and maintain confidential user information, such as name, address contact details and credit card numbers.

By convention, the URLs of the websites that have SSL installed on them start with https: instead of http: The secure sockets layer protocol supports the server and client authentication. Moreover this protocol is application independent; therefore it also enables protocols like HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and Telnet to be layered on top of it transparently.

The SSL protocol uses the encryption, authentication and message authentication codes in order to maintain the security and integrity of the transmission channel.

SSL certificate is of the the greatest importance to any eCommerce website. The SSL certificate helps to prove that the website belongs to a registered owner and the customers can trust the website in terms of sharing their information.

It is essential to inquire about the SSL certificate options offered before investing in an eCommerce hosting; SSL certificates come up to 256 bit. A normal SSL certificate would secure the domain of your website; you can also opt for a WildCard SSL certificate that extends the security to the sub-domains as well. The main domain and all the sub-domains are secured with just one WildCard SSL certificate, it saves management time and cost to a great extent and better security is provided to the website.

If you are thinking of starting an eCommerce website, it is essential to invest in a SSL certificate, only then the online transactions can be safeguarded. Make sure to invest in a web hosting plan that provides with good SSL certificate options along with efficient eCommerce hosting plans.


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