The Framework of ASP.NET Hosting

The Framework of ASP.NET Hosting

The ASP.NET framework is used by the webmasters for the purpose of building websites based on Microsoft SQL server or Microsoft Access databases. These websites have a user-friendly interface and they are also more efficient in terms of handling the traffic.

ASP.NET Hosting is based on the highly successful and efficient ASP scripting language, that enables easy learning and understanding. The ASP.NET framework is perfect for building large enterprise level websites and eCommerce websites and applications that are easily scalable. They have complete capacities to manage high demands and website traffic.

The ASP.NET framework is based on the VB (Visual Basic language and C#. Microsoft has developed two different data base system – Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL server is considered to be more advanced as compared to Microsoft Access. In most of the cases the ASP.NET scripts and web pages are created in a way so that they can be used with either of the databases stored in the central location.

Most of the ASP.NET web hosting plans enable you to host as many Microsoft Access databases as you want in your hosting account.

Since the Microsoft Access databases and Microsoft SQL server databases are file based a server is required in order to connect to the web pages; therefore the number of MSSQL databases that can be created in one web hosting account is limited.

Microsoft provides complete support for ASP.NET, it is not very difficult to find literature on the working of ASP.NET on the internet. Moreover the user-friendly interface of ASP.NET enables easy understanding thereby the scalability of ASP.NET Hosting activities becomes easy.

Even though Microsoft doesn’t provide with any official means of interactive support, however there is official documentation that can be referred if you need help in terms of configuration and development of the ASP.NET framework. In case you are new to ASP.NET Hosting, then it is very important to know more about it before you start implementing it on the websites.

It is an enterprise level framework therefore some parts of it can be very complicated. The most important thing that must be takes into consideration while signing up for a ASP.NET web hosting plan is the level of support offered by your web hosting company.

ASP.NET is a very efficient and affordable enterprise level web page scripting framework that provides with the best platform to create large corporate websites and applications. ASP.NET Hosting normally works with a Windows based framework.

The best past of ASP.NET web hosting plan is that it provides complete support for Microsoft Access and SQL databases; this enables you to centralize all the critical website data. As a result of the functions mentioned above, ASP.NET Hosting is considered to be a complete value for money.

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