The Era of shifting skill-sets for Cloud Computing and Business Organisations

The Era of shifting skill-sets for Cloud Computing and Business Organisations

After all the very high expectations and criticisms, Cloud computing technology has emerged to be an efficient entity for large and small enterprises with reducing the burden over IT when compared with the other traditional methods, offering an enhanced dimension to the IT for enterprises.

After a fair period spent over testing the environment, enterprises have realized a fair reduction in expenditures over IT peripherals. Different enterprises have adopted and implemented cloud differently. To some it helped with increased efficiency within the enterprise wherein it was developed, hosted and managed internally, while a few others tested the public cloud to support the IT processes.

A common concern encircled the sets of cloud adopters though, which was ‘the skill sets’. With this, a strong need for well trained skilled professionals has developed someone/team who’d possess the capabilities to manage the entire set-up with their expertise.

Now, not every requirement can be fulfilled internally by an organization, they need to rely on the third party vendors and providers to achieve their desired goals. Same holds true with the IT requirements within an organization, where additional or certain non-standard operations requirements can only be fulfilled if leased/bought from a third party web hosting provider.

And with every new requirement emerging within an organization comes the need for the right skill sets to best achieve the output. Well, currently the IT and the organizations depending on it have started switching to the cloud architectures hence calling for new skilled personals to manage the new IT architecture, equipments and operations a bit differently.

In order to cope with such shifting trends in computing, organizations have started demanding changes in various business verticals, such as:

Skill sets in business and financial vertical

A Cloud can be a costly affair incase of a failure to use it well to suffice the IT requirements within an organization. And inorder to evaluate whether it’s a right solution that offers cost reduction to the company, it is essential to build a thorough return on investment (ROI) case, and monitor the case from time to time.

Findings based on business performance versus the costs of involved in managing and supporting the cloud infrastructure, decisions should be taken. Business should still know how powerful cloud computing could be to their businesses, hence finding the right individual with an eye for detail on the cost vs investment factors can prove to be a good business decision.

Skill sets with the right Technical expertise

This is one of the crucial components of a business which is looking forward to cloud adoption. One needs to first evaluate how much cloud to be built and managed in-house, based on which the volume of right and an appropriate candidate can be chosen.

Ideally, someone with good hands on Internet capabilities, frameworks and core competencies in virtualization technologies can be considered for an in-house cloud supporting team. Some experience with various open-source tools and kernels can be a real added advantage.

Enterprise architecture and business requirement analysis

This kind of profile would involve someone who can lay a road-map of the services that are to be implemented within an organization. Analyzing whether the services can be managed internally or would need an involvement of a third party organization to get the implementations done.

If it involves third party providers then the candidate must be capable of working in conjunction with other businesses, speak their languages and get the desired output by working well with other IT personals.

Project management skills

What’s the use of an individual that lacks management skills; it’d only be a liability. An individual with right skill sets of project management is a must for any organization that has an IT department. It’d be these guys who can be empowered with setting deadlines, benchmarking, resource allocations, DR strategy decisions, budget calculations etc.

And when it’s regarding the management of an organizations entire operations over cloud, an individual with an effective project management skills would be a must inorder to ensure that costs and budgets are perfectly matched, without an ill effect of the operational performance of-course.

Skills of negotiating with the Service Providers and Suppliers

The SLA that comes with a cloud offering is one of the highly crucial factors, hence attimes certain negotiations needs to be carried out between an organization and the service providers need to be carried out. Only an experienced candidate possessing the skills of reading the and understanding the SLAs and comparing it with the organizational requirement would be the best match.

Though things wouldn’t end here, it’d just be the beginning. Regular performance reports would need to be analyzed and if the SLAs committed by the third parties aren’t matched, should have the capabilities to negotiate on the correct lines and ensure further performance achievements.

Security and compliance

Not to mention, IT and security go hand in hand, and why not when it’s the matter organizations crucial business data. Therefore, individuals with an expertise in understanding the security protocols would be a must, these security protocols can be not limited to a cloud platform in particular.

The cloud industry is experiencing a strong shift and so are the organizations depending on it. This has given rise to an increasing demand for highly trained professionals with the right skill-sets for cloud infrastructure management.

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