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Taking Advantage of WHUKs goMobi Mobile Website Builder Service

Taking Advantage of WHUKs goMobi Mobile Website Builder Service

WHUK recently partnered with dotMobi for its GoMobi service offering with an intention to help our customers successfully venture onto the Mobile web world by building a mobile optimized version using a specialized mobile website builder.

Let’s first take a sneak preview of some statistics of how people use their smartphones in the UK :

Mobile_Usage_Stats_in_UK_2012This gives us a rough idea about how people in the UK are using their mobile phones. Looking at this statistical report where the data has been referred from various sources over the web, we can see an increased usage in the number of mobile phones, specifically the smartphones year-after-year.

This offers an opportunity to businesses and website owners to serve an increasing volume of people surfing the web via. handheld mobile devices. So, be it an eCommerce website selling products or services, a blog that runs a ppc campaign, a forum, a social sharing site or whatever, having a mobile-friendly website would only guarantee you success and an increased conversion.

Still confused? Why do you need to use a service such as our Mobile Site Builder to build a mobile friendly version of your website?

Well, one can indeed access the standard version of your website from a mobile device, but do you know if your visitors are satisfied with it? Are you sure if they don’t need to do hand gymnastics to view the details you’ve presented at your desktop, laptop version of your website.

Here are a couple of questions that you must ask yourself before rejecting the idea of building a mobile version of your website:

(If your answers to the following are YES, you don’t really need to build a mobile version for website)

1. Is your website Easily Viewable? OR Do you need to Pinch or Zoom-in to read the Menu & other Content?

2. Are the images displayed correctly?, Can the embedded text in images be read effortlessly ?

3. Does your website load quickly?

4. You don’t need to scroll too much to reach to the Buy Now button, right?

5. Is the website displayed evenly across all the smart-phone devices with varied screen sizes?

6. Are you able to track or analyze the traffic that’s coming to your website from mobile devices?

If answers to the above questions are NO, then you should seriously think about building a mobile friendly version of your website with our GoMobi Website Builder service.

I would like to recommend you to try using this tool to understand whether your current version of website is mobile friendly.


Now, if you are convinced that you need to have a mobile version for your website, let’s consider checking out some information about the goMobi service.

What is goMobi?

Well, goMobi is one of our latest offerings which can help make your business/website easily available to mobile users with a fast and simple mobile version of your current website.

Did you know that nearly 61% of Users call a Business after Searching on their phone.

Click to Call’ is a feature that comes with this mobile website builder which allows users to call you with a single touch/click on their smartphones. You can consider this as an easy lead from a prospective customer.


The site builder offers an intuitive and user friendly GUI using which you can develop a website for mobiles in barely few minutes. The tool offer you the flexibility and loads of other features that can help to customize nearly everything hence making it a flexible tool which anyone can use.whuk_goMobi_order_now

Buying goMobi

You may click the above button to subscribe to the service, or if you wish to know more about the service, you are requested to please visit the Mobile Website Builder page or speak with our sales representatives by initiating a chat which is available at our website.


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