‘Storage in a Cloud’ Mere Imagination of The Past, But Now A Promising Reality!

September 17, 2012 / Web Hosting

Cloud storage has gained momentum over the last few years as more and more businesses have realized the importance of this form of data storage solution. The most common and powerful implementation of cloud storage is the ‘public cloud’.

While looking for a cloud computing deployment, you will come across countless mentions of ‘cloud storage’. Many business owners have acknowledged the idea of this revolutionary IAAS platform and utilized it in the best interest of the business.

To give a basic insight, cloud storage is a method of storing the data securely at a remote location that can be accessed irrespective of your physical where-about, provided you are connected to the World Wide Web. This goes on to say that any particular file on your computer can be placed in a cloud server and then it can be accessed via internet from a wide range of devices including laptops, computers, iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

What is it that one can expect from a Cloud Storage framework?

• Reliability
• Greater accessibility
• Strong protection
• Data backup
• Disaster recovery
• Rapid deployment
• Reduction in overall storage cost

Now, depending on the business processes run by an organization, different types of Cloud storage can be applied. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Types of cloud storage:

Public Cloud Storage

The public cloud storage platform is often utilized for backing up the data in a public cloud. The public cloud is based on a clustered server setup that comprises of many servers, therefore this is considered as a more efficient form of data storage. In case of a public cloud the provider (web host) is responsible for maintaining the storage framework along with the costs associated with it.

The customer only pays for the resources used in the hosting platform. The data is stored in the data center that is operated and managed by the web hosting provider. As the name suggests, the public cloud storage infrastructure can be utilized by more than one member’s however there is no compromise on the power and efficiency, neither there is a shortage of storage.

In many cases the public cloud storage can be deployed within a short span of time with more accessibility and scalability as compared to the on-premise data storage. The public storage can be used for storing the static data and the live data as well that is generated from the applications running on the organization’s resources.

Cloud storage for web applications is apt for the organization that needs to host a wide range of applications. Data synchronization is effectively carried out within the cloud infrastructure hence ensuring high availability.

Private Cloud Storage

A private cloud storage system is deployed for the needs of one organization. As the virtual machine resource capacity is completely dedicated to the data storage requirements of one organization, the business owner can be rest assured about the efficiency of this kind of data storage system.

The private cloud storage is ideal for a large organization that receives a massive volume of incoming data. In terms of a private cloud, when it comes to specifying the storage for your organization infrastructure, it is important to determine if you would require a storage area network. Storage area network (SAN) is crucial if you are looking forward to high availability.

Even though you can avail of the other storage options, it is advisable to consider a SAN storage as it has the capacity of meeting the input output requirements of the VM’s, this goes on to saying that the data storage and accessibility can be carried out efficiently when it comes to data storage. 

Private cloud storage is a prominent hosting solution for security and performance concerns. There has been an ongoing debate on the utilities provided by public cloud vs private cloud storage, people usually prefer implementing the public cloud as it is cost effective and powerful. It also offers a wide range of benefits like reliability, scalability and fast deployment. 

Selection of the data storage medium depends on the nature and size of the organization and the volume of data to be stored. The storage features offered by cloud server hosting would be in accordance with the terms specified by the web host. Whichever data storage option you select, you can be rest assured about the efficiency of storage and security of data. 

Standard benefits obtained from the cloud storage infrastructure:


Data security is the main concern for every organization. An efficient cloud server hosting service provider will offer you with extensive security from the time your files are uploaded on their servers until they are downloaded or removed.

Most of the web hosting providers provide with highly secured servers that can be perfectly managed and are impenetrable to attacks. The firewalls and encryption are the main forces to be reckoned with that which can prevent the hackers and dangerous worms form entering and damaging the systems further.

User Friendliness

The cloud storage providers provide with easy to use storage platforms and user friendly interfaces that make it easy to access and utilize your account from any location. The cloud storage system is easy to use, this makes it a better hosting option in comparison to bulky hard drives.

If you have to install software, this process is simplified and the software provided tends to take care of all the work that is associated with file backup.

Data Handling and Backup

This is the most crucial advantage of the cloud storage system. Cloud storage creates an offsite backup for your fields. In case your computer crashes or is inaccessible due to any reason, you can access you the files even then through a different computer. This is an important feature for the business that has to maintain critical business data.

In addition, more storage space is provided as well. Moreover there is an ease of moving your data to another computer. If all your files are stored in the cloud, then there is no need to worry about copying the fields if you change the location, your files being at a centralized location can be easily accessed despite the geo-location you fall into.

Immediate Scalability

The storage can be added in real time, in order to accommodate the fluctuation demands. This is phenomenal in terms of gaining the accessibility and scalability required and exactly at the right time when it is required. It is due to this unique feature of Cloud that has helped it to gain a wide spread popularity.

Reduction in Disaster Recovery Costs

The costs incurred for business continuity and data recovery are a challenge for most of the businesses. As data is the critical part of any business, people invest huge amounts in data security. High costs are involved because systems and software licenses have to be replicated on an efficient infrastructure.

Cloud storage reduces the costs as data can be replicated automatically from private cloud to public cloud with ease and without causing any damage to the data.

Is cloud storage feasible for small businesses as well?

Well, if you operate a small business, even then you can create utility from the cloud storage platform. As stated above, data accessibility irrespective of geo-location is no bound in a cloud even for the small businesses, which is one of the biggest benefits.

Cloud storage results in cost savings as it reduces the physical storage space. If you have to setup more servers, the storage space required will also increase and you might have to dip into the capital reserve of your business for covering up the cost. The same amount of money can be spent on some other endeavors for your business. Cloud storage costs relatively less and also facilitates efficient management of data therefore it is a smart hosting solution.

Cloud storage brings about automation of the tasks therefore even tedious tasks can be completed in a short span of time by utilizing cloud technology for small businesses. If you are looking forward to save time and money, cloud storage is the right solution for you.

The selection of the web hosting platform is a long term investment for the business and you can gain a wide range of benefits with the right decision. The cloud computing technology is based on a futuristic point of view, that’s the main reason why businesses can gain benefits from it.

Cloud storage gives a new dimension to the business and perfectly synchronizes with the business as it moves forward therefore it is a worthwhile investment for the current and future needs.

As the demand for data storage increases, cloud storage has become one of the most efficient ways for all types of businesses to manage the data overflow perfectly. It is a fact that as the demand for information increases, there would also be an increase in the capacity to store it. There is no doubt on that the businesses will drive higher benefits from the cloud storage system in the future.

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