Step by Step Instructions to Install Norton Personal Firewall

Step by Step Instructions to Install Norton Personal Firewall

Necessary steps to install Norton Personal Firewall on a computer running Mac OS X.

You can download it from

To start installation from the download:

1. Most web browsers will automatically attempt to open the installer file as part of the download process

2. If your browser does not open the file automatically, locate the downloaded file and double click it

3. Read through the license agreement and click Agree to continue.

To start installation from the Security Software Starter CD-Rom

1. Place the CD in the CD-Rom drive and wait for the disk to mount.

2. When the Security Starter icon appears on the desktop, double click it.

Installation is identical from this point on for both download and CD-Rom

1. Open the Norton Personal Firewall folder

2. Open the NPF for OSX folder

3. Double-click Install Personal Firewall.mpkg

4. On some systems, the installer will need to run a program to determine if installation can continue. Click Continue.

5. On the Welcome to Norton Personal Firewall Installer window, click Continue

6. Read the Important Information. Click Continue to proceed.

7. Read the Software License Agreement. Click Continue.

8. You must AGREE with the license terms to continue installation.

9. Select a destination volume where the software should install. Click Continue to proceed.

10. Click Install or Upgrade to perform a standard installation.

11. When prompted to Authenticate, enter your username and password. Click Ok to continue.

12. You are given a warning that installing the software requires a restart. Click Continue Installation.

13. Once all files are installed, you will be asked if you want to run LiveUpdate. Click Yes.

Note: LiveUpdate requires a connection to the Internet.

14. After LiveUpdate has finished, click Restart to complete the installation.

Running the Norton Personal Firewall Setup Assistant

1. The first time Norton Personal Firewall runs, it will launch the Setup Assistant to help you configure the firewall. Click Continue.

2. Setup Assistant checks for any internet services running on your computer. It displays what it has found in the Access Settings window. If any services were found, you should review them carefully and only allow the ones you are sure you need.

3. If any services are found and you choose to allow them, Setup Assistant will ask you how much access to allow. Choose Only computers on my local network or The entire Internet and click Continue.

4. Using the slider, choose a protection level. The default, Medium, is usually sufficient. Click Continue.

5. Choose whether you wish to participate in Symantec DeepSight by clicking the check box. You can also view the DeepSight privacy policy statement here by clicking the Read the Symantec DeepSight Pricacy Policy button. Click Continue.

6. Setup Assistant is finished. Click Done.

The firewall will now run whenever you start your computer.

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