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SSL For Security and Credibility of Your Website

SSL For Security and Credibility of Your Website

Key Benefits of SSL Certificate

  • Your customers will navigate with total peace of mind on your site, with the assurance that they are connected to the legitimate site and not a copy.
  • Provides full confidentiality of confidential information trafficked between the user’s browser and your website.
  • 128/256 bit SSL encryption technology is used to ensure that your information is not intercepted by fraudsters and hackers.

Show visitors to your site that your site is safe and reliable

SSL Digital Certificates are compatible with the online payment systems like Visa, Mastercard, Maesto, among others and makes the payment secure.

What is SSL certified and what is the advantage in using it?

  • The digital certificate is an encrypted electronic file containing the public key, information about the entity for which the certificate was issued (whether a company, individual or computer), the Certification Authority (CA) and the period of validity of the certificate.
  • The use of the Digital Certificate for web server in conjunction with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), also known as TLS (Transport Layer Security), enables encryption and protect information transmitted over the Internet, ensuring a secure connection between your browser and the web server.
  • The SSL certificate ensures privacy and information security trafficked between the site and the visitor, ensuring access to an authentic and not fake / cloned site.

SSL – Recommended Uses and applications

If you are doing business on the Internet through your website, you need to provide security and credibility to your customer and this is possible with a SSL certificate.

With the SSL Certificate you ensure your visitors, users and customers with a secure exchange of information with no risk of transmitted data being intercepted or altered.

Use a Digital SSL Certificate on your site when you:

  • Sells products and / or services
  • Collecting registration information and confidential data
  • It offers online payment methods
  • It has an intranet and / or extranet that contains sensitive information
  • It has pages or restricted content protected by password

How to identify a secure site that uses a valid digital certificate?

Check into your browser’s address bar if the site uses the https protocol, checking if the address starts with “https”.

By accessing the site, should not see any error message or warning regarding the digital certificate.

Accessing a secure site with Digital Certificate, your Web browser should display a closed padlock in the lower right bar of the screen, leaving the highlighted address bar or display a closed padlock on the right side of the address bar.

Click the lock 2 times to view the Digital Certificate information and confirm that the displayed certificate was issued to the same address of the page you are visiting and also the validity of the certificate.

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