Which One I Choose for My New Hosting Business? Dedicated Server or Reseller Plan

Which One I Choose for My New Hosting Business? Dedicated Server or Reseller Plan

Managed Dedicated Servers

For the purposes of starting a web hosting business, our UK managed dedicated servers can provide the best platform on which you can offer your own web hosting services for the first time, as you will have full control over your environment and resources.

A dedicated server can provide a highly expandable platform for anyone looking to host websites for others; a dedicated hosting environment means that you can install the applications and services that you require in order to develop a web hosting environment that meets the needs of you and your customers.

Furthermore, all dedicated servers offered by Webhosting.uk.com are fully managed dedicated servers which means that you can call on our 24×7 support team to provide you with assistance if necessary.

When choosing a dedicated server you should take into consideration that you are going to have to take steps to setup and configure your dedicated environment to meet the needs of yourself and your customers, such steps may include:

  • Choosing a web hosting control panel that is complimentary to your business policies so that you are able to develop web hosting plans that you can then offer to your own customers through the means of web hosting accounts.
  • Installing the third party applications that you would like to use on your platform so that you can offer your clients feature-rich web hosting solutions that represent good value for money.
  • You will need to utilize the latest security features that are available to develop a hosting environment that can withstand any possible attacks that hackers could attempt against your server.

Webhosting.uk.com can offer a number of different dedicated server configurations based upon your specifications and budget; we recognise that in some situations our resellers may be looking to achieve greater reliability from their web hosting services or want to implement additional backup systems and it is the customisation of a dedicated server that lends it to being a popular form of hosting.

Web Hosting Reseller

If you are inexperienced with the management of servers then a reseller web hosting plan can provide you with the most suitable environment because you will only have to be responsible for your web hosting account which can be managed through a web hosting control panel, such as Plesk or cPanel; the management of the hosting server is taken care of by Webhosting.uk.com’s 24×7 support team.

Reseller web hosting can also be a more cost effective method of establishing a web hosting business because your outlay to begin with will be very minimal; this in-turn will allow you to turn over a profit from your business in a shorter period of time if you set the prices of your web hosting plans accordingly.

As our professional support team will have full control of the hosting server, for some this may be seen as a guarantee of high security and uptime; even though we take all the measures that we can to protect your web hosting account and the data it contains, no web host can offer guarantees with regards to security – we provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee with all of our reseller hosting accounts.

Webhosting.uk.com offers a range of Linux and Windows reseller hosting plans for you to choose from; we often recommend that you choose a web hosting plan on both platforms if you with to maximize the size of your target audience. We feel that a reseller hosting service can provide those wanting to start their own web hosting business with benefits such as:

  • All of our reseller hosting plans are hosted on a secure shared web hosting server, which is running the latest versions of the core software used to power websites to ensure that any bugs and holes in the software are plugged
  • Control panel access is available for both you and your clients; with our Linux reseller plans we offer cPanel access, whilst our Windows services are based around Plesk.
  • Private name servers can be configured with either platform so that you can white label your own web hosting services to an extent – your clients will never have to know that you are using Webhosting.uk.com as your reseller hosting provider.

The lower cost of reseller web hosting generally makes it a more popular choice for beginners over a dedicated server. Webhosting.uk.com recommends reseller hosting for inexperienced users; VPS servers are always available as a stopgap between reseller hosting and dedicated hosting if you outgrow your reseller hosting plan too quickly.


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