Set Nameserver for Your VPS or Dedicated Server

March 1, 2007 / Web Hosting

1. First you will have to decide what name server you want to set on your VPS hosting server or Dedicated Server. If you have the domain “” then you can make the name servers and

2. http://IP/whm >> show ip address usage >> Check free IP there or choose your primary and secondary IP Address.
You will need to register name servers first from registrar end. Login to your registrar’s domain control panel and register the name server or ask them to register the private name server for your domain. – the Default IP Of your server – Secondary IP or free IP

Exception : In case if you have just one domain and you have set that name server for your other server and you want to use and name server for this server then you will have to set the dns for it from the dns zone file of if you have WHM then you can go to the server where this domain is resolving then open WHM >> Edit a DNS zone >> select domain from the list >> Edit at the end just add this line

ns3 In A First_IP

ns4 In A Second_IP

or if you are using shell then you can simply append following lines there in

# vi /var/named/

ns3 IN A First_IP

ns4 IN A Second_IP

save file.

# service named reload

# rndc reload

3. http://IP/whm >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup

Primary Nameserver >> Click on “Assign IP address” and then “Add an A entry for this name server”

Secondary Nameserver

Click on “Assign IP address ” and then “Add an A entry for this name server”

4. Once all done you can check if your name servers have started resolving or not from

Once you see the assigned IP address there then it means that the name server for your server are set.

Create new account from your WHM and now you will just need to point your site from your registrar end to these name servers and if you want to resolve your site from this server.

You are done with the name server set-up…

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