SEO Techniques for Your Blog – Part 2

SEO Techniques for Your Blog – Part 2

Submit to search engines: You may have created the best blog with exhaustive efforts but it is of no use, if a search engine has not found your blog. The first step to submit your blog URL to prominent free sites as Google, Yahoo, etc. This will get your site indexed in their list and they will send crawlers to your blog once in a while.

Link Exchange

Exchange links with blogs of same subject as yours. This will facilitate your popularity as well as increase your page rank. The more the links, the higher the page rank. Interlink your blog URL with different groups (Do not, However link to Link farms).Swap your links with good blogs, Request them to add your link but do not spam or annoy them with your mails.


Whenever you update a post, ping with free services like pingomatic, etc. These websites will notify a wide range of websites & search engines. In doing so, the search engines will send their crawlers to your site to verify & then list you in search engine.

Submit to Directories

Submit your blog’s URL to various free directories along with suitable keywords. There are many free directories that let you register easily, so make as many submissions as you can.

Finally, SEO is combination of various right steps, try to implement as many as you can but don’t stress on it. This is a long process, so be patient & you will eventually find success.

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