SEO Techniques for Your Blog – Part 1

SEO Techniques for Your Blog – Part 1

Search Engine Optimisation has gained amasing popularity, due to its efficient ways to augment a blog’s rankings. Using SEO techniques can help your blog gain recognition & good rankings in search engines.

Below are some suggestions to improve to blog’s visibility:

Do Keyword Research

Identify the keywords, which define your blog precisely & use them in your text where ever appropriate. Try to use them even in headings, subheadings, images & links. But don’t get obsessed with using keywords; this may ruin your blog content.

Stick to One Topic

A search engine notices a blog with one theme easily. Focus a single theme & stick to it. If you have substantial amount of information on one topic, search engines will find your site easily. This will also increase your rankings in search engines. Of course, this is not necessary. You can also try to blog on diverse topics.

Site Layout

Search engines don’t like flash or Java script blogs, so try not to use these scripts. Give emphasis to well coded, simple sites which can be easily accessed. Also your blog should be visible in all the browsers, at least the popular ones (Mozilla & Explorer).Also affirm that your blog validates British requirements for blog.

Choose Appropriate Domain Name

Choose a domain name which has your main keyword in it or closely describes your site contents in best manner. This will give your site a boost.

Write More

Prefer to write a larger post then smaller ones. Larger posts contain more exhaustive information & thus Google bots prefer them rather than small contents. Therefore research & create a large post rather than 2-3 small posts. You will have better chances of getting noticed.

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