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Easy SEO steps

Easy SEO steps

In the online world, search engine optimization is a very important part of any website. If you can get a steady flow of traffic from the search engines then you will have an excellent foundation to grow your website on.

Here are some important factors to consider when optimizing your site.

The first thing you should do is keyword research. You should realize that there are certain keywords and phrases that you simply will not be able to compete for as they are dominated by authority sites. When doing your research you should consider how many times a phrase is searched for a month, how many sites you will be competing with and how well optimized those sites are.

When you have decided what phrase you are optimizing for, one of the most important factors is the keyword density of your web page. Ideally you should be aiming for around 5 – 8% density. You should also try to place the keywords in the most natural places. Instead of having them all in the first paragraph it would be better to scatter them throughout the page as naturally as possible. Try to have your key phrase once at the start of your page and once at the end of your page.

The most important part of your search engine optimization is the back links to your site. The search engines treat a link to your site as a “vote” for it. However, this does simply mean that the more you have the better. First of all you should try to have sites that are relevant to yours linking to you. If your site is about dog training then find other sites about dog training that might be interested in exchanging links with you. When you are exchanging links with other sites you should be using keyword anchor text for your link. Let’s say the phrase you wish to rank well in the search engines for is “dog training tips” then those are the words you would use for the link to your site. This can be done easily with html.

When starting a back link campaign you should also try to make it as natural as possible. If you have no links to your site one day and three hundred the next then the search engines will be suspicious of your activities, but if you gain around 5 – 10 links a day on a consistent basis then it will seem much more natural to them there resulting in a higher ranking.



  1. cathrin

    An established SEO company will have nothing to hide and should utilize only ethical practices with their best of knowledge and belief. It is important to get proposal from SEO company about the step by step process chart what actually they are going to take step to improve your ranking for better placement. Overall the Search engine is changing phenomenon its important that SEO expert’s should use the latest technology and sound seo principles that usually Search engine’s set to get implemented.

  2. Paul

    I personally dont think this is 1-2-3 proces, SEO technique is a process that need continuous research, research about the SE behaviour, user behaviours keyword and your competitors and many more factors that continuous involve in ranking process of particular search engine.

    Secondly if you are only aiming to keyword density to around 5 – 8% density, then probably you are not going to consider google as ( their density is below 5% ) anything more than 2% they consider spamming means you are keeping one of the Search Engine Leader in sidetrack. I have found that a number of good site still obtain poor ranking inspite of good content, keyword and organic-relevant backlinks, hence the shortest route of your site and SEO is straight line- “continuous research”.

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