SEO Basics – Part 2

SEO Basics – Part 2

Continued from SEO Basics – Part 1

In part 1 we discussed the affect that internal linking, keyword density and the HTML structure of your web pages can have on your SEO work. For part 2 we will be discussing the affect that backlinks can have and how to make the most of them as well as how you can track the progress of your website within search engine listings.

Backlinking is probably the most important thing you can do when carrying out an SEO campaign as it will allow visitors to other websites to find their way to your website with ease, but of course it will also add value to your website when search engines come to rank your website.

As you are going to be putting a lot of work into your SEO campaign it is important for you to know where you stand with particular search engines when it comes to your location in particular keyword results; most search engines will provide you with access to a certain section of their website that will allow you to track the progress of your own website within their ranking process.


Backlinking the process of getting external websites to link to your website in order to gain a higher search engine ranking; the more backlinks you build up, the more attractive your website will be to search engine spiders. By getting a large amount of backlinks to your website and web pages, search engine spiders will be able to find your website more easily as they will be able to index it through a number of different locations.

When building up backlinks to your website and web pages it is important for you to ensure that the backlinks that you get are from websites that are relevant to the topic that your website is based around as this will help you to gain a higher ranking with the keywords that you are specifically targeting.

It is a good idea to try and get backlinks from web pages that are similar to your own as this will then allow search engines to see that you are making an effort; a larger number of backlinks will allow search engines to see that your website is highly popular meaning that you can use this as a way of gaining a higher search engine ranking.

Monitoring Your Progress

If you are going to be putting a lot of work into your SEO campaign then it is a good idea for you to effectively monitor your progress so that you know where you stand with search engine results for particular keywords that you are targeting.

Most search engines provide webmasters with a service that they can use to track the progress of their websites in search engine listings, and this service is provided for free but is probably one of the most effective tools available to you when optimizing any website for search engines.

The Google Webmaster Center is a good example of this as using this service Google will provide you with information on what are the most popular search terms for your content to appear in whilst it will also tell you what are the most common keywords within your website.

Viewing the keywords that occur most within your content can be an important benefit since you can then review this list against the list of keywords that you set out to target originally, if there are discrepancies you can then take the measures needed to ensure that you fully target the list of keywords you made originally as part of your SEO plan.

SEO Server hosting

An SEO dedicated server is a recommended form of web hosting for larger businesses that are conducting large scale SEO campaigns. The result of most large scale SEO campaigns is an increased visitor load for the website concerned, and of course an increase in the number of visitors is going to put a strain on the server that is hosting the website.

SEO servers are designed to cope with large scale SEO campaigns and are able to offer businesses a number of benefits that will also allow them to enhance their SEO campaign so to achieve a higher search engine ranking for the website that is being targeted.

An SEO dedicated server will be able to serve your website to those who visit it and search engines much faster thanks to a dedicated 100mbps connection directly to your server; it is important to remember that people generally give up trying to load a web page after about a minute, and search engines will also give up trying to index a web page if it takes too long to load.

SEO servers are generally of a high specification which means that you can expect reliability from your server hosting service; it is important to remember that a search engine may not rank your website so highly if it goes through periods of downtime regularly.

Although the pricing of SEO server hosting may be off-putting, as a business you need to consider the cost of an SEO server against the benefits of having a web hosting service that can deliver reliability and a stable service. The main aim of SEO in most cases is to bring more visitors to your website, the result of which will be an increased amount of revenue in one way or another; if you are doing SEO for an online store then the result will be an increased amount of sales, but if you rely on advertising for your revenue then the result will of course be an increase the amount you make off advertising.

In conclusion, the most basic methods that can contribute towards a successful SEO campaign include internal linking, keyword density and targeting, the HTML structure of your web pages, backlinking and SEO server hosting.

Although there are other SEO methods that you can use if necessary, by making note of the factors that we have discussed in these two articles you will be able to conduct a professional SEO campaign that will see you achieving a high search engine ranking.

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