Selecting The Perfect Domain Name

Selecting The Perfect Domain Name

Once you have planned your website, the next step is to select an appropriate domain name. A domain name is the online representation of your company on the internet, when people come across the domain name, they form a certain impression about your website.

The domain name also gives them an idea about what your website is all about. Domain names might only comprise of numbers, letters and hyphens (“-“); spaces and other symbols cannot be used, domains cannot begin or end with a hyphen. Domain names are not case sensitive.

They have to be in the middle of 2 and 63 total characters and this does not include the domain name extension. It is essential to still create an impressive domain name that represents your company in the best possible way. In today’s world where internet dominates the market, it is beneficial to have a domain name that forms the perfect online identity of your business.

Your visitors or customers will not remember everything about your website url except some few attributes therefore it is essential to establish a domain name that is distinct from the competitors. Here are some guidelines to select distinct domain names that complement your company and make it stand apart.

First let us have a look at what do some of the commonly used domain name extensions stand for

.com stands for the word “commercial,” and it is the most preferred global domain name extension. Business owners usually prefer a .com domain name as it is a highly recognized symbol for establishing the online presence of the business.

.net stands for “network,” this domain name extension is mostly preferred by the internet service providers or any other businesses directly involved in the infrastructure of internet. Moreover, some businesses might select a .net domain name extension for their intranet web sites.

.org represents “organization,” this domain name extension is primarily used by the non-commercial websites. Sometimes even the commercial entities register the .org extensions corresponding to their .com domain name in order to safeguard their brands.

.biz is a restricted domain name extension that is used for the business websites. It is a relatively new domain name extension, therefore .biz can provide the company with the domain name it really wants and thereby enhancing the web presence becomes possible.

.info creates an opportunity to reach out to the worldwide audience through information about your business and idea. .info is growing in popularity and it also provides with great domain names.

.us or .uk represents the country code that may be used by any individual or organization with residence in US or UK for capturing the market specific to these countries.

Selecting A Domain Name

A domain name that represents your business

It is essential to select a domain name that represents your business rather than your products. You can have multiple domain names. For instance, if your business is ABC Corporation and your product is called mobile, then you can get a domain name – and

You can have both these domain names and they can point to different pages of your website. Therefore, people who only recognize you with your product name can easily find you by going to the product name url, and the people who know your corporate business name can find you easily by typing your company’s url. In case you are an individual running your own small business, you can also register your own name as the domain name.

Keyword in your domain name

In case you are into selling home appliances, you don’t just sell any regular home appliances, you sell the high quality home appliances at affordable prices. The name of your company is Home Appliance  World. The idea is to look for the names for your product that people will look for. When people go to the search engine, they might look for affordable home appliances or high quality home appliances.

You can easily find out what people are looking for with some research. You will come across various research tools on the internet that will help you to find out the variations of the domain names that you can use. All you have to do is type in the word or phrase you are looking for and you will see the results that are most popular. If you find that the phrase ‘cheap home appliances’ is used quite frequently, then this phrase can be included in your domain name.

Easy to type and easy to remember

A domain name should be easy to type. In case a domain name requires considerable attention to type correctly, due to spelling or the characters used, length or the use of words or sounds that can be memorized, there is a possibility that you might loose a substantial portion of your branding and marketing value.

Moreover the domain name should also be easy to remember. It is also essential to consider word-of-mouth publicity and SERP’s marketing where your domain name constantly appears for industry related searches both rely on the ease with which the domain name can be recalled. People must remember the domain name of your website so that they can recommend it to their friends and family.

Fulfilling expectations

When people come across your domain name for the first time, they should be able to understand immediately the type of content that might be there on your website. A perfect example of a perfect domain name can be, this gives a clear idea to the people about the nature of work of this business. The users must have the perfect idea about what is the website all about. Such kind of domain names are great in terms of creating a good web presence.

The simple guidelines mentioned above will enable you to establish a great domain name that marks your web presence perfectly. Just like you select a perfect website hosting package for your website, it is also essential to select the most appropriate domain name.

It all starts at the domain name, the very first thing that people know about your web presence is your domain name. Establish the most excellent and impressive domain name that perfectly compliments your online marketing endeavors and provides you with endless opportunities on the internet.

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