Selecting The Best Hosting Company For WordPress Based Website

Selecting The Best Hosting Company For WordPress Based Website

The popularity of WordPress is continuously growing because it is one of the most efficient platforms for blogging and website creation. It enables the creation of the most attractive website or blog through a host of user-friendly features.

Most of the web hosts meet the general hosting requirements, however there are some additional variables that can provide with a wide range of benefits.

In order to get the maximum benefits through this powerful platform, it is essential to find a good hosting company that delivers a host of features.

Once you get a clear picture about what you should expect from the web hosting company, selecting the appropriate one will become easier for you. Here is an insight on the factors that you must consider in order to select the best web hosting company for your WordPress based website.

Prerequisites of WordPress

WordPress doesn’t need much for running smoothly. The two prerequisites that WordPress needs are PHP 4.3+ and MySQL 4.1.2+. That is all, almost all the web hosting companies can now support WordPress, however that doesn’t make selecting the right web hosting company easy.

 Operating System

Earlier people used to recommend that if you would like to opt for WordPress hosting, then a Linux server is preferable.

However, Windows recently added WordPress to their Web Application Gallery, which means that installing WordPress on a Windows server will only take a few minutes. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you are opting for Linux/Windows based hosting plan, the efficiency level will be the same.

 Importance of Script Auto-Installer

 Script auto-installers offers all the essential tools required to install a number of different dynamic web applications into your web space within a short span of time and with just a few clicks.

Script auto installers are known for executing all of the complex tasks involved while installing the web applications. Most script auto-Installers will offer a wide range of web applications to choose from, and all these web applications are designed for different purposes; this goes on to say that you will always find the suitable application for your needs within the library of your chosen script auto-installer.

Softaculous is one of the most popular script auto-installers and it can be easily integrated with a number of different web hosting control panels.

Script auto-Installers will make the process of installing web applications extremely easy for you. All the complicated tasks of setting up and configuring databases as well as setting the correct file permissions will be done for you.

Script auto-Installers also enable the user to save a lot of time as it only takes a few clicks to install the respective web application. When you are installing the web applications manually, you usually have to wait till the application gets downloaded on your desktop and then it can be uploaded on your web space.

This is followed by the task of setting up and configuring the necessary databases as well as file permissions. And then you can carry on the installation wizard and get everything together . This is an extremely time consuming process, and it marks the importance of script auto-installers.

Additional Factors

Almost every web hosting company will meet the physical requirements of hosting your WordPress website, and Script Auto-Installers should not be a key decision factor, then what else you have to look for? There are many different variables that you can consider when looking for the right web hosting company.

The web hosting company must offer a 100% uptime guarantee, money back guarantee, round the clock technical support and real time server monitoring. On signing up for the WordPress hosting plan, the web hosting company must provide you with free WordPress download and access to the wide range of WordPress plugins and extensions.

Consider the factors mentioned above and you will be able to derive the maximum benefits out of the WordPress hosting plan. WordPress provides with the perfect platform for developing a great website, therefore it is essential to select the most efficient web host.


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