Search Engine Optimisation: Link Techniques

Search Engine Optimisation: Link Techniques

SEO is not much complex but not as easy either, there are some major rules that you need to use to rank well on the Google Search Engines. The main difficulty with Google is that it gives much weightage to old pages, you can have a good new informative website but you will not land in the top 10 for your main keyword if it is not a very good one.

The most important thing you need is link exchange. You can get some links from web directories, articles and link exchange with other related to your subject sites. When submitting to directories, search for the category most relevant to your website, check how many outgoing links the directory have per page. Make sure that the directory is indexed by Google.

Writing articles can assist you to get backlinks. Write good articles about your website’s subject; include your main keywords in the article. Also write examples where needed to back up your thoughts, this will increase your credibility to the user. Put a link to your website in the author note else the whole step will be useless. There are many of article directories on the net so that you are sure to get some quality backlinks from them.

Getting link exchange offers is the most complex and time consuming part in your link building campaign. Major sites will not be very keen on exchanging links with you, if they in the top 10 search engine listing and you are not in the search engine listing. You need to search for websites that are contextually similar to your site, for e.g. you have a web hosting website, it is fair to exchange links with SEO related sites.

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