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Sandbox : Protect yourself

Sandbox : Protect yourself

Protect Your site from playing in Sandbox

Sandbox is a filter added to the Google algorithms sometime back around March 2004.
It is pride for Google to ensure that the results it displays to its users within the SERPS lead to highly relevant, up-to-date, useful websites. Relevancy is key to the search engines success so it will take all steps it can to ensure the relevancy of its search results. Filtering out new websites and monitoring them may allow them to provide more accurate results within the real SERPS.
So most new websites under newly registered domains will get relegated to the sandbox.Google will find these newly created site by following an Inbound Link (IBL) from another site that the Googlebot crawls. You will then see the website in the normal Google SERPS if you search for the actual domain name. Now Google know that your pages exist and knows what they contain, but doesn’t list them in the main SERPS. In other words, because your website is new, it is under probation in the ’sandbox’.

But one question may arise in your mind,How Long Will My website Stay in the Google’s Sandbox?
It is difficult to say how long a website will stay in the Google sandbox.It totally depend on the types of keywords a site is completing for in the real SERPS. It can be up to 6-8 months and the only way to get out of the sandbox is to wait.

While Google sandbox is not something you can control, there are certain steps you can take in order to make the sandbox effect less destructive for your new site.There are ethical and unethical tips and tricks and unethical tricks can get you additional penalties or a complete ban from Google so beware for unethical tricks and as a new comer don’t go for that.You cannot fight the sandbox the only thing you can do is to adapt to it and patiently wait for time to pass till Google crawls your site.

There are many initiatives you can take, while your site is playing in sandbox :

1) Actively build content and good links : –
Try to build relevant and fresh content and good links for your site which take you to the top.When getting links don’t over do that. keep in mind that they need to be from trusted sources or from reputable places.If possible try getting links from .edu, .gov, and .mil domains this might help you because these domains are usually exempt from the sandbox filter. Don’t get 500 links a month – this will kill your site! or you would consider as spam. Instead, build links slowly and steadily.

2) Buy old or expired domains :–
The sandbox effect is more serious for new sites on new domains, so if you buy old or expired domains and launch your new site there, you’ll experience less problems.

3) Plan ahead :–
Try to launch your site when couple of pages are completed don’t wait for its total completion,This will start the clock and some traffic parallel to your site development efforts.

4) Host on a well Established host :-
Take care to host your new site on a subdomain of a well-established host (however, free hosts are generally not a good idea in terms of SEO ranking). The sandbox effect is not so severe for new subdomains (unless the domain itself is blacklisted). You can also host the main site on a subdomain and on a separate domain host just some contents, linked with the main site. You can also use redirects from the subdomained site to the new one.

5) Concentrate on less popular keywords :–
Try to find keywords which are less popular for your site and use them at different places.You could top the results for less popular keywords , it is better than nothing. And while you wait to get to the top for the most lucrative keywords, you can discover that even less popular keywords are enough to keep on traffic for you, so you may want to make some optimization for them in future.

6) Rely more on non-Google ways to increase traffic :–
It is often reminded that Google is not the only search engine or marketing tool out there. So plan your SEO efforts to include other search engines also, which either have no sandbox at all or the period of stay there is relatively short, this will also minimize the damages of the sandbox effect.



  1. sean

    Yea, those are valuable guideline, inspite of using unethical tricks and technique it is better to put your best effort to improve your site. Top of this it need your “patience” during sandbox period.

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