Reseller Hosting with RVSkin for Custom Branding and White Labeling

July 14, 2012 / Control Panels Web Hosting WHUK Updates

A reseller hosting account provides resources and features that are suitable for the hosting of multiple domain names, each of which can be hosted under a different user account; this approach defines reseller hosting as being the prime candidate for those that wish to start their own web hosting businesses.’s reseller hosting accounts are designed to be affordable so that you are able to get your business off the ground with relatively little expense and turn over a profit in no time at all; our 24×7 support team is on hand to provide you with assistance when setting up your reseller hosting account so that everything runs smoothly for yourself and your customers.

We offer a range of Linux reseller hosting plans and Windows reseller hosting plans so that you have the opportunity to offer your own customers hosting on both platforms; in general the Linux platform will receive more demand because these web hosting plans are often the most affordable, but small and medium sized businesses will continue to drive the demand for Windows web hosting services. The core features of all of our reseller hosting accounts include:

  • With each domain that you host under your reseller account, you can create a new control panel account so that the management of that website can be delegated; you can host an unlimited number of domains with our Linux reseller accounts, but will be limited with a Windows reseller account
  • You can host an unlimited number of email accounts as well, which means that you and your customers can create as many email accounts as you see as necessary with your web hosting account
  • You can use private name servers to provide your customers with custom-branded name server addresses to which they can point their domain names so that they can be used with the web hosting services purchased from you.

As reseller hosting accounts are hosted on the same servers as shared web hosting accounts, you won’t be receiving any additional benefits by selecting one over another when taking performance and stability into consideration. endeavor to offer you and your web hosting customers the highest level of uptime available from our shared web hosting servers, currently rated at 99.95% monthly; this should be a satisfactory level of uptime for most consumers and the 0.05% margin of error is included mainly for any unplanned downtime, but downtime with our web hosting services is certainly a rarity.

Branded Reseller Hosting

For any business it is important to have a brand or online identity that customers can build recognise and build trust with. As well as developing a memorable business name, you should look to include a memorable logo along with a domain name that can be entered into a web browser easily.

In some cases resellers may wish to offer a branded experience to their customers because it will certainly be more professional than using standard control panel logos and layouts. One of the additional features provided with our Linux reseller web hosting plans is RVSkin, a third-party plugin for the cPanel control panel that will enable you to use custom skins with the cPanel client-side control panel for your customers.

If customers are able to see your logo with the control panel that they are using to manage their website then they will feel more confident in the safety and security of the software; for any business it should be a priority to create and retain customer trust with their brand. also offers the facility for private name servers and this is another area that you can brand using your domain name or business name.

When customers wish to point a domain name towards the web hosting account that they have purchased from you, it is recommended that they use name servers such as ‘’ and ‘’ as opposed to ‘’ or ‘’ because you may not want your own customers to know that is providing you with your reseller hosting account.

If you are unsure of how to setup private name servers then you should contact our 24×7 support, as they will be more than willing to assist you with the setup of this.

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