Reseller Hosting Plans – Quick Review

Reseller Hosting Plans – Quick Review

If you are looking to start your own web hosting business or wish to use a web hosting package that can offer you additional features in a shared web hosting environment then a reseller web hosting plan will probably be the most beneficial web hosting package for your requirements. Being based in a shared web hosting environment will limit you to some extent.

But at the same time will allow you to offer the additional third-party features provided by many web hosting companies with their reseller hosting plans as part of your own shared web hosting plans.

Reseller web hosting plans are available in both Linux and Windows form, allowing you to choose the operating system that you feel is the most applicable to your needs as a web hosting business; on the other hand, you can always choose to use one of each web hosting service as this will allow you to provide your own ranges of Windows and Linux web hosting plans.

The benefits of using reseller web hosting include the ability to host multiple clients and websites, whilst one of the biggest disadvantages is that you are still limited to using a shared web hosting environment.

How is reseller hosting different from shared web hosting?

The main difference between shared web hosting and reseller web hosting is the anatomy of the web hosting plans. Although both web hosting services use a shared web hosting environment and are usually hosted on the same servers, the anatomy of a reseller web hosting plan allows reseller hosting customers to develop their own web hosting plans with the main idea that they can in turn host others under their own web hosting service.

Multiple Client Hosting

One of the biggest benefits of using reseller web hosting over standard shared web hosting is that if you are hosting websites for others, you are able to provide each of your hosting clients with their own clients account. Multiple domain hosting is a standard feature of most shared hosting plans these days, although multiple client hosting is a feature that will only ever be available with reseller hosting and dedicated web hosting services.

The benefits of providing your web hosting clients with their own client account is that it will allow you to delegate control to them meaning that they will be able to perform a wide range of tasks without the need for your input, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Whether multiple client hosting is available will depend on the web hosting control panel that your web hosting company chooses to provide you with access to, but both Plesk and cPanel are able to offer this feature meaning that it should be available with most Windows and Linux reseller web hosting plans.

However, you should still be prepared to provide your own hosting clients with a decent level of support in the event that an issue arises with which they need assistance.

Generous Resource Assignments

If you wish to be able to make the most of a reseller web hosting plan then it is important for you to be sure that you have chosen a web hosting plan that will offer you generous resource assignment.

In order to be able to provide others with web hosting, you will need to define your own web hosting plans based on the resources that you have available to you as part of your reseller web hosting package; the resources that you have available to use will be the one factor limiting how many clients you will be able to host under a single reseller web hosting package.

If you shop around then this can pay off because it can be easy under some circumstances to find a very fair reseller web hosting package, but at the end of the day the hosting plan that you choose will most likely be chosen on the merit of price rather than what is offered; however, you also need to consider what individual web hosting providers are able to offer you on top of your chosen web hosting package.

Making the Most of Reseller Web Hosting

The easiest way to make the most of reseller web hosting is to sell off the web space that forms the heart of your reseller web hosting plan to other people who will then become your own web hosting clients.

You will never be able to run a sustainable web hosting business off a reseller web hosting package as they are only designed to be entry-level web hosting services; eventually you will find that you need to upgrade to a VPS server or dedicated server if you wish to continue offering your hosting clients a useable and effective hosting service.

The problem with shared hosting environments is that because of the number of users hosted on a single server, the performance of reseller hosting packages and shared web hosting packages can degrade over time as the number of hosted websites increases thus putting more pressure on the server’s resources.

Choosing a reseller web hosting plan that can provide you with additional extras on top of what you would expect from a standard reseller web hosting plan is also recommended because this will provide you with additional benefits that you can then pass on to your own web hosting customers.

If you are able to offer something that offer web hosting businesses can’t then you are giving clients another reason to consider your hosting business above others.

In conclusion, reseller web hosting plans are a great place to start if you wish to start your own web hosting business. A reseller hosting plan can provide you with the resources and features needed to host a large number of individual users without the need to be the sole manager of their web hosting account as you can easily delegate the control to the owner of the website.

However, you need to take into consideration that the performance of reseller web hosting services will be limited because of the shared hosting environment used and that at some point there will come the need to upgrade to dedicated web hosting.


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