Proven Techniques to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Ratio

Proven Techniques to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Ratio

As the eCommerce industry is spreading wings in every country, online shopping has become more convenient, efficient, secure and fast. While most of the eCommerce website owners are striving hard to provide the most luxurious online shopping experience to the people, some of them are struggling to overcome issues with the online store for staying in the competition and providing the best.

One of the common issues that most of the eCommerce website owners are facing these days is shopping cart abandonment. Basically, this issue is the usual part of the buying pattern of customers. If you have been facing shopping cart abandonment lately, it’s important to take action on it right away for taking your online store to new horizons of success.

The main reasons why shopping cart abandonment takes place include the following:

High Shipping Prices

Your customers might be willing to make the purchase however the cost of shipping might stop them from proceeding. Have a look at your website analytics, if you feel that the shipping prices are too high and they are having a bad impact on the sales, think of some other option that can help your customers to save money.

Tedious Sales Process

Some customers abandon their shopping carts as they are asked for too much information till the time they complete the online shopping transaction. This might create a feeling in the minds of the customers that they are being data mined.

Make sure that you are only asking the customers for the basic information that is required to complete the transaction. Preferably you can also study the check-out systems of some of the competitor websites to improvise on your checkout process.

Confusing Checkout System

Ensure that your customers are not jumping through hoops for buying your products. People should be able to make purchase from your website with minimum click. Also make use of breadcrumbs so that the customers can easily go back one step in the online shopping process.

These are accompanied by many more reasons like:

  • No coupon code
  • Lack of money
  • No preferred payment option
  • Item unavailable at checkout
  • Website is unstable or unreliable
  • Couldn’t to find customer support
  • Concerns about credit card data security
  • Shipping and handling costs not included in the checkout price
  • Customer wants to compare prices from the other websites
  • Registration required before checkout
  • No order tracking system
  • Slow website
  • Connection timed out during checkout process
  • Technical issues on the website

Shopping cart abandonment can take place because of any of the reasons mentioned above, however controlling it and creating an efficient eCommerce website is not a very difficult task. Initially you have to identify the reason because of which it is happening on your website.

In order to combat shopping cart abandonment, it’s crucial to analyze the online shopping process from the moment a shopper ads a product to the card through the purchase competition. With the help of Google Analytics, you can make out if people are leaving your website from the shopping cart page or from the checkout page.

Identify the page from where the visitors are leaving the website; that is the page that needs to be looked at by utilizing one of the techniques or a combination of the techniques mentioned below:

Publish A Phone Number

At times the potential customers give up before they make a purchase in case they encounter any problem. There are many possible reasons for this issue: their internet connection might be slow, their browser might not be compatible with the store, there might be a bug in your website which you might not be aware of or it might be the case that they are just not used to online shopping.

Publish a phone number on your website and also include it in the checkout page; this will give an assurance to your customers that they can reach you at any time in case they need help. This will have a positive impact on the online sales.

Optimizing The Website For Mobile Users

A wide range of people are using smart phones and prefer using the smart phones for online shopping as well. If your website is not optimized for the mobiles, your cart might not be displayed correctly on the mobile platforms, this is one of the factors responsible for shopping cart abandonment.

It is also crucial to analyze the behavior of the mobile visitors. If you realize that there are more possibilities of mobile users abandoning the shopping cart then you must get your website optimized for the mobile phones, by doing this you also get a better online exposure.

Check For Glitches

Make sure to test your shopping cart through various ways. You can make test purchases using different browsers, payment methods, devices, product combinations etc.

Also ask your friends/co-workers to try it. With this, you will be able to track the technical glitches if any in your shopping cart that might be causing shopping cart abandonment.

Registration Process

Enabling the registration process before the checkout is not necessary. In case a customer has to create a username, password or set any preferences, it requires work on consumer’s part and this might take them out of the buying mood. Some of the checkout processes require the shoppers to register before they can proceed with the checkout. This can be a killer at times.

There are possibilities that some users might just want to make a purchase on your website and not get associated with your business right away. Therefore it is preferable to avoid adding the registration process during checkout. You might consider adding a small link on the sidebar however do not make the registration process mandatory.

Multiple Payment Methods

Every customer thinks differently and has a trusted and favorite method for online payment; therefore it is preferable to provide a few. Apart from secured credit card payments, PayPal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payments are popular payment gateways for the online customers. If you think that there are other payment solutions that are popular with your market niche, make sure to provide them as well.

Slow Website

Slow website speed is one of the greatest drawbacks of an online store. While shopping online, people have a general expectation that they are shopping online because it is fast, convenient and will save a lot of time for them. If the load times are slow or in case the pages don’t display the necessary information right away, people might get impatient and move to the next website.

For this, the best solution is to host the website on an efficient web hosting platform that is apt to manage your website requirements and enables supreme performance. Preferably you might you must opt for cloud web hosting or dedicated server hosting for ensuring complete stability, security and efficiency.

Security Seals

In the world where identity theft is a common problem that haunts everyone, in case an eCommerce website appears unstable or unreliable to the online shoppers, you cannot expect a purchase. This is an extremely important aspect. Ensure that your active SSL and other security seals are prominently displayed on your checkout page.

By displaying the security certifications during the checkout process, you show a commitment for protecting the customer’s personal information and the thereby customer trust is enhanced.

Customer Testimonials

Displaying testimonials from the customers who have successfully made a purchase from your online store website is recommended. It works in terms of giving some hesitating customers a little push over the finish line.

Refund Policy

Establish an appropriate refunds and returns policy and display it on your checkout page. This helps in reducing the sense of risk that customers experience while making an online purchase, and it also helps in terms of increasing the online sales.

If you try to be in the customer’s shoes you would agree that the feeling of losing money is very bad. Displaying the refund policy will make the customers feel that it’s safe to purchase from your website.

Shopping cart abandonment has a direct impact on your online revenues and thereby on the overall productivity. The solution over this grave issue is extending your reach beyond the online store.

You can use some of the techniques or a combination of the techniques mentioned above depending on how shopping cart abandonment is affecting your website. The most important point is to ensure that your online store communicates security, trust and complete information that is desired by your customers.


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