Preparing for the Maintenance of a VPS Server

Preparing for the Maintenance of a VPS Server


Investing in a VPS server is a big step that unfortunately brings several consequences for many customers who used shared services previously. This is because although VPS web server market prices are generally affordable, they may still cost a little more if management is considered.

Whether you are considering an upgrade to the first VPS server package or changing web hosting company, this process can become a nightmare for beginners or experienced IT professionals. In order to succeed you need to gather a lot of information and in the case of an online site, migrating a large number of files.

All this can be quite a complex and frustrating process. The good thing is that, these problems can be avoided. What we recommend is that, you should pay attention to some important details.

Plan Ahead

Before installing any software or services on your VPS server, put on paper what you have to do in advance, and what is the goal of the new web server. For example, add all programs you plan to install, focus on specific things ranging from the control panel to the operating system, through the web application server and add-ons to make the best web server.

To be more specific you should consider system requirements, software version numbers, and the order in which software should be installed. Make comparisons of the list of requirements and technical specifications of the web server. We see with some IT professionals, often simply configuring VPS servers have resulted in several failures due to no advanced planning.

Choose an IT Team

If you can, don’t be alone in the setup process and maintenance of the server. If you have a capable team, involve them to help you in these tasks. Once you have a good team together, it is time to put into practice its measures.

Planning and involving Stakeholders

Planning should not stop just because your server is already running and is online. You have to think about how the web server will be used daily without facing any issues.

If you have a medium or large business, you should not consider only how the processes will have an impact on your business, but also on other teams in your organization. Make sure that you distribute all vital information about the support number, login details, and other details with the stakeholders.

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