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Popular Link Building Methods

Popular Link Building Methods

Popular link building methods are listed below :

Link from non-commercial sites : links from .edu and .ord websites are good for increasing your site’s rankings and are more important than ever.

Article Links : Links from the author by-line or within the article that point back to your site will positively affect your rankings.

Link from established sites : If your site is referred from big site like Wikipedia, Yahoo, AOL, Ebay, Amazon, etc., you will rank better than you did before Jagger.

Avoid Link Farms : Link farms are sites that exist solely to link to other web sites. Google in particular has been known to ban sites found using a link farm, stay away from them.

Relevant Links : IBL (inbound links) and OBL (outbound links) relevancy is more important after Jagger. This means that if you point to related sites or you get links from other sites that are related to your website, you may rank better after Jagger.

Post Message on Forums : Post messages on related forums , make sure they are readable by seach engine, while some of them have no-index attribute on their page.

Social Sites : Some free host sites also allow you to create pages on their sites which may help leverage the authority of their domains.

Obtain Links from Media Sites : Media sites have large audiences of people looking for information – get coverage and a link to your site. This would not only get a significant spike in traffic to our site but also get a percentage of that audience linking to us because the media site did. Links attract links.

Publish Press Release : Publish any new event or newly introduced service/product in press release directories.

Profile Pages : MSN’s Small Business Directory allows you to create a company profile page and get listed in other profile pages.

Good inbound links can always move your page up the ranking ladder and act as new entry points to your site. The best way to carry link building is by obtaining natural links pointing to your site from a variety of related websites, some .org’s and .edu’s, and from other trusted authority sites. Always remember what the original purpose for linking was and why it waspracticed and why incoming links were, and still are, valued by the Search


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