Online Vs Offline Privacy

May 26, 2006 / Network and Security

As more & more firms practice relationship marketing & develop databases of customer information, privacy issues are emerging as an important topic. Consumers & public interest groups are scrutinizing & sometimes criticizing the privacy policies of firms.

Concerns are also being raised about potential theft of online credit cards information or other potentially sensitive or confidential financial information. Others maintain that the online privacy fears are unfounded & that security issues are every bit as much a concern in the offline world.

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  1. Well, I think the hackers especially target people who are little tech savvy and those who can easily provide them personal information, IMO the local Governing body/NGO and internet community should come forward to provide internet security and arrange training program to educate and update their knowledge.

  2. I think the customer should not provide online credit cards information and other details that might lead them towards potential risk. I guess the employees who leave a relationship marketing firm can misuse those information, hence still risks are involved there inspite of they claim that they provide safeguard to their prospective customers by using most technologically advanced system.

  3. Yes but participation on these program is voluntary, it is upto you whether you are interested to disclose your personal information to them or not though most of the CRM companies mention in their TOS that all information will be stored confedential and neither of them in whole or part can be disclosed to third party.

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