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Nominet may have increased prices, but WHUK will not be

Nominet may have increased prices, but WHUK will not be

Nominet, the official registry for UK domains, will be raising the price of all .UK domains by 50% on March the 1st 2016, . This includes .UK, .CO.UK, .ME.UK AND .ORG .UK domains.

As a thank you to our customers we will not increase our pricing for a minimum of 12 months.

Remember, you can register or renew .UK domains for up to 10 years – so this is the ideal time to extend your registration and take advantage of the continued low pricing while it is still available.



  1. Mihai Pintilie

    Fine customer loyalty campaign. You will significantly increase the level of confidence of your customers. I like you as a hosting company, I already host some of my websites with you and recommended you to each and every client in need for a hosting company.

  2. jerryperes

    Hey, we are doing same business. At, we are also offering domain names, web-hosting services. Moreover, I like your blog it is very informative. I am happy to read it.

  3. Cheers WHUK, not everyone out to fleece us. look after customers and they look after the business

  4. Well done WHUK, what a great company you are!

  5. Nominet member

    Nice to see a company that has higher morals than Nominet do.

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