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More about file-hosting and sharing sites

More about file-hosting and sharing sites

Many people are now familiar of the existence of the Web 2.0. It’s a great concept that gives users chance to participate in sites life. It becomes common for file-hosting resources.

They are interested in collaborating with users. Such resources are developed for hosting files which you cannot or just don’t want to store on your hard disk. Many people, who upload files to such resources, often share their files with others. It’s especially common for members of forums and large communities, who want their files be easily found. That’s why some file-hosting sites are provided with catalogs of files.

If you want your file to be published in catalog you may make it public and describe it with some tags – freely selected keywords. Tags will enable you to categorize files in the way that makes the most sense to them by using either predefined or your own tags. Tagging allows for the kind of multiple, overlapping associations that the brain itself uses, rather than stiff categories. Files will be promptly search able to other users according to those same tags. Tags, like other Web 2.0 features, allow you more control over your entire Internet experience. Instead of using pre-defined categories, tags will put you in charger of defining your own files. So catalog of files with tags is a new trend which is really promising. It is a future of successful file-hosting.


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