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Message Board Hosting: Moderator Ethics

Message Board Hosting: Moderator Ethics

Some of the tasks performed by an ethical moderator include:

– Promoting the board to obtain new members – all boards need a constant flow of new members to survive and prosper. Without new people visiting and posting, the board tends to become stale and useless.

– Gently keeping the subjects reasonably on topic – There is usually no need to bring out the sledgehammer. A simple note here and there is all that is necessary in most cases.

– Keeping the old members happy and making new people feel welcome – This is a very critical function of any moderator. The board must be useful to both groups to thrive.

– In extreme cases, removing hostile entities – some people just want to cause trouble. A good moderator knows the difference between a trouble maker and someone who is upset or does not have the best social skills.

– Actively contributes – This is a must for all good moderators. They must contribute constantly to their own boards to keep the conversations going.

A very important fact that must be remembered by all ethical moderators is they don’t need to agree with a post – they just need to keep things more-or-less on topic and civil. Boards with moderators which attempt to crush all opposing views quickly degenerate to hell holes of deleted posts, banned members, flame wars and constant disruption and agitation.



  1. sean

    Moderator usually work on stress, they need to be motivated by incentive, reward by the forum owners.

  2. Paul

    Over the years I have seen few moderator have worst “ego”, they behave in very bad manner, they simply delete your post and even ban you without warning and even they dont bother to give you reason- why they’ve banned you?

  3. I think the moderator should enthuasiastic about the community, he should keep ego at door, He should render same treatment to all when he edit, delete or ban a member on the board.

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